Your Guide to Preparing Internet Marketing Budgets in 2015

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

Budgets, we frown every time the word come up in politics with cuts seemingly the norm. When you are running your business you may attempt to avoid dealing with your budget for the following year but we all know it is inevitable – the numbers need to be crunched. With the Internet playing such a big part in the daily lives for most, allocating an Internet marketing budget as part of your overall marketing budget barely scratches the surface. Below we will dig deeper and look into areas to divide up Internet marketing budgets in 2015.

New Opportunities

The Internet is a dynamic environment with platforms constantly changing and being an early adopter can provide exposure that can be tough to come through established formats. Have you herd of Nash Grier or Lele Pons?

No surprises there, these are stars from the social media platform Vine. They hit the ground running and got a lot of traction fast. Be willing to invest in new forms of internet marketing, the initial outlay does not be massive but if there is traction, leave some room for flexibility in the budget. One of the most successful apps in 2014 was Yo which is looking to expand its offerings to businesses in 2015, can you jump on its success?

Mobile versus Desktop

Mobiles devices are seeing more users every day with XYZ saying TUV. Of course, you have (if not get it now) Google Analytics installed on your website. One of the measures the stats provide is the breakdown of Mobile versus Desktop traffic. You may be surprised just how much traffic you get via mobile. Investing in your website to function well when viewed on both mobile and desktop devices will ensure your brand does not lose any of its professionalism (or potential customers for life).

Will You Invest in Social Media

Social media has been around for a few years now and has matured a lot as many of the initial platforms begin to monetize in various ways. Facebook is considered the ‘go to’ platform despite receiving criticism of late as a result of companies not getting there content seen unless they pay for promotion. This was always going to happen and while Facebook may not be for all business (such as CopyBlogger) you should consider if you can leverage Facebook or other forms of social media successfully with advertising.

Content Marketing Still Applies

Content marketing was hyped leading into 2014 with new strategies expected to rise as some theories were pushed to the wayside. The biggest success for content marketing in 2014 was from those who produced content that was interesting and easily sharable. and were two of the most successful brands at this in 2014, however will their catchy headlines still work going forward? Many people have revolted against these headings that have been dubbed link bait. With content, as long as you provide value to your customers you cannot go far wrong with Google ranking content that gets social shares higher, so make sure it is easily shared!

Stay Flexible and Adapt

There are plenty of quotes stating the fastest way to success is to fail often. In marketing you are still dealing with customers who can be irrational. Despite researching all you want sometimes your big marketing plans just will not gain traction. During the year you will always want to be on the pulse with any new Internet marketing strategies are being successful. In your budget, leave a reserve fund to try out new ideas without diminishing any of your other efforts.

Every business is different. Ultimately the amount you allocate to each of the above factors (not too say there is not other tactics) will depend on factors unique to each business. How are your Internet marketing budgets in 2015 shaping up? What is your focus for internet marketing in 2015? Are you going all in on one avenue!?

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