Your SEO Company in Burnaby

We understand you have a lot of choices when it comes to finding the best SEO Company in Burnaby. We also understand hiring the right SEO Consultant in Burnaby requires the following:

Trust in the SEO Company to complete quality SEO (search engine optimization) work and not cheap SEO, black-hat SEO.
• You want all the SEO work to take place in Burnaby, never out-sourced!
• When done correctly SEO is an investment, and not a cost.
• Regular updates on how well your website is doing against your local and online competition.
• Meet face-to-face with the people behind the work.
• A large network of referring, happy customers in Burnaby, Canada.

We don’t provide a one-price-fits-all, and we’re unlikely to quote you until we’ve run an in-depth free SEO and website audit. SEO companies in Burnaby who give you a price BEFORE looking at what needs to be done are missing the point of customized, tailored SEO marketing strategy.

Don’t Hire A SEO Company in Burnaby if..

The company or SEO consultant suggests any of the below:

  • Heavy upfront fees should ring an alarm. Why should you be asked to invest heavily in SEO  before you’ve seen the process at work?
  • “Guaranteed” results for first-ranked positions are another warning sign.

If you come across an agency that promises to place your site at the top of a search list, do some investigating. Find out what key word(s) they’re basing their claim on: are they commonly used search terms, or are they counterintuitive words and phrases?

  • Watch out for SEO Companies that are cryptic about the links they plan to build. If they don’t offer to give you monthly reports detailing the specific progress of your campaign, think twice about working together.


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