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Why Should I Use Facebook For My Business

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February 10, 2013 by Christian Thomson

The world wide web being a communication channel has changed a whole lot throughout the last few years once a small business’ presence online was  merely their business website, now that website can be extended and enhanced by additional strategies, the most popular being social media websites.

Social media and Social networking is actually just about everywhere, yet most small enterprises are not deploying it to its complete potential. One reason is the fact that there are many options in which attempting to ‘do’ social networking; nevertheless by improving your company’s social media method and being highly focused it is easier to control.

Facebook pages for my business

Of all the social media sites a good option to get a business to begin may be the one which has the biggest group of prospective customers: Facebook.

Facebook has proven itself to not be just a trend — its been around as well as expanding since 2008 and not too long ago it struck 600,500,1000 customers worldwide- with over 30% of these in the US.

Nevertheless, it isn’t the volume of people which makes Facebook the California king involving social media it’s the hefty individual proposal that makes it exceptional. Based on Facebook stats 50% involving energetic consumers sign in every single day and also the regular individual reacts along with 130 buddies and it is connected to 80 Facebook pages, groups and events.

Facebook gives several ways to talk with various other users: personal profiles, pages, groups, community groups and applications. So which is the best one for my business to work with?

Facebook pages are the most useful for companies wishing to build relationships with their market and also promote services and products because of functions likechecking in”, being able to issue vouchers, run competitions and much more. A Facebook business page can be fully customized to reflect the brand and message of your company.

Add to that the advantage of search engine optimisation, as your Facebook business page submissions are placed in the search engines perfect for improving your own SEO efforts online.

Principles associated with engagement.
blast your current supporters along with a endless number of posts and updates. Interaction on Facebook is different to other well-known social sites like Twitter: Tweets happen fast and are momentary; Facebook posts remain on streams for longer.  Mix up the type of wall posts and content offerings so the page is not pure promotion, but a well-balanced ‘conversation station’.

Build a conversation station.
A Facebook business page ought to be the ‘conversation station’ with one particular goal at heart : it needs to be a place for firmly centred suggestions, chat and interaction with consumers. Post info on the site and enable other individuals to participate they may introduce other people, recommend tips, praise as well as, of course, even criticize. A good strategy for any company is too “own” the bad feedback. Facebook gives you the chance to get back to customer concerns quickly and shows you really do care about customer service.


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