Why Businesses need to follow Canadian Consumers and go Mobile.

Mobile Marketing

September 6, 2013 by Christian Thomson

Why Businesses need to follow Canadian Consumers and go Mobile.

As a marketing agency in Vancouver we follow many reports, news channels and data that comes out about marketing in and around Canada. Recent marketing statistics show that Canadians are worldwide leaders in embracing technology. With 70% of the population owning a mobile phone, 80% of those using a smartphone, nearly everyone is able to access information and communities while on the go. So far, Canadian businesses have not adjusted their online marketing and SEO to the changing behaviour of consumers.

Mobile marketing has led to the social media industry being created. 64% of Canadians have some form of social media account, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or Instagram. When consumers use these platforms they want to interact with friends and know more about the products they want to use. By creating accounts for your business on these platforms you are going to your customers and you have the ability to influence them by providing engaging content, convenient customer service and a personable brand. The great thing about social media is, it is free, and if you implement a solid social media plan, there are infinite rewards that 1000’s of dollars cannot buy in traditional media.

With so many people now using their mobile phones on the go, there is a need to shift away from traditional advertising methods such as TV, Radio, Newspapers and Billboards. In the past you would put a great amount of budget into these forms of advertising, whereas now you want to invest in Videos, Podcasts, SEO and info graphics. This is purely because of the transition. People are watching 1 hour of videos a day, you want your brand associated with the videos they watch. 4,800,000,000 Google searches are made each month in Canada alone, you want your website ranking at the top of Google. Info graphics are fun, exciting, and informative; show everyone what your brand knows. Wow them. People are simple looking down at their mobile screens more and more to get everything they need, shifting to where you can be seen is necessary.

93% of people go online for product information, and more and more of these are made from online devices. Therefore it is a must not to have just a website, but one that looks good on mobile devices. If your website does not look good on the smaller screens of tablets and smart phones, consumers will not bother with you, they will simply move on.

Over 70% of people use their mobile phones in restaurants and in stores. While this may not be the best etiquette, they are checking for other cheaper online competitors, price comparisons and reviews. Do not let them walk out of your business because they found a better option online. Be online too, and be awesome, once they read reviews of how great you and your goods and services are, they will be inclined to make the purchase there and then.

While Canadian businesses may be lagging in general in getting their business online and mobile, you can still act now. Those whom are already in the game have a huge edge at the moment, but many of them are not utilising the tools effectively. If you are going to be moving into the mobile space (which you should) then be sure to go where your customers are, grab their attention and maintain that interaction and get chase their loyalty. Mobile use is set to increase, therefore not being online is a great way to set yourself up for failure.