infographic which profession drinks the most coffee

Which Industry Is The Most Coffee Driven?

Online Marketing

December 1, 2013 by Christian Thomson

It’s with great irony I’m sat here on a Sunday morning with a fresh cup of sexy coffee. In fact I’m going to brew one more to pull me through this blog…..annnnnd back!

Ok so believe it or not online marketing isn’t all Champaign and cocktail parties (jk), it seems we’re the second most heaviest coffee drinkers in North America based on research by Dunkin Donuts.

online marketing

It’s an interesting list, but I don’t see police officers surely they put back litres of the stuff? And what about Bloggers; yeah we know bloggers love the vino but surely coffee must me the morning choice?

According to Wikipedia “The effect of coffee on human health has been a subject of many studies; however, results have varied in terms of coffee’s relative benefit. The majority of recent research suggests that moderate coffee consumption is benign or mildly beneficial in healthy adults.”

So for now we’ll do our profession proud and grab another coffee.

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