What’s the Difference Between Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO?

What’s the Difference Between Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO?

Businesses and individuals are increasingly turning search engine optimization as a way to increase traffic to their website or blog. There are many different strategies that can help a website get more hits and a more favorable rating on search engines. A good SEO company Vancouver will employ both onsite and offsite SEO tactics simultaneously to help drive visitors to the site. Before hiring SEO companies Vancouver, businesses should know the difference between these two strategies so as to maximize their efficiency.

The onsite SEO used by an SEO company Vancouver will involve editing the actual website or blog to increase search results. This includes a variety of tactics, all of which aim to give the site a more favorable position in search engines. Some of the most common techniques are:

-Using keyword rich text
-Using a variety of headings
-Using meta tags and rewriting them to make them more accurate and efficient
-Adding internal links to the page
-Writing and re-writing text in a variety of ways to maximize hits
-XML sitemaps
-Using URL’s that are dense with keywords, as well as keyword formatted URL’s

SEO companies Vancouver will know how to use these onsite SEO techniques to make the website more effective and optimize search engine results.

Offsite search engine optimization will be used by an SEO company Vancouver to support the blog externally. This technique will use other websites, such as social media, to drive people to the site. Some of these techniques are frowned upon by search engines, but most are completely acceptable and widely used. Some of the most common off site SEO techniques used by SEO companies Vancouver are:

-Back linking-involves using outside links to bring surfers to a page
-Paid linking
-Article directories
-RSS Feeds
-Press releases
-Inbound linking
-Comments on blog sites
-Marketing on social media

All of these SEO techniques involve bringing a person to the site from outside. Many SEO companies Vancouver are finding that social media is one of the most valuable resources when it comes to SEO. However, some people are turned off by these tactics, so they should only be used judiciously and ethically.

Anyone considering hiring an SEO company Vancouver should know the ins and outs of both onsite and offsite SEO. When done correctly these strategies are an invaluable way to generate traffic to a website. Using a combination of these techniques is the best way to get results.

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