What’s Driving the Future of Marketing?

Christian Thomson

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Google partners with Audi to develop in-car infotainment system based on the Android operating system.

As a business owner it’s crucial to look ahead and keep an eye on trends and technology that will shape future marketing. It was only 10 years ago when everyone still used the Yellow Pages, Flyers and Cold Calling! Look how far with come with social media, mobile responsive websites, Smart Phones etc.

So when we got news of “connected cars” with systems powered with Google search we got slightly excited about the marketing potential.

Recent reports about a new Google partnership provide some insight into where technology and marketing are heading.  Google has teamed up with luxury automaker Audi, begging us to ask the question:

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This innovative and interesting partnership is centered around the concept of developing in-car entertainment systems based on the Android operating system. This new functionality could not only be a game changer for the transportation industry, but also make waves in the field of marketing.

Future of marketing

The announcement, expected to come next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is following Apple’s iOS in the Car concept.  Both concepts will bring capabilities available on smartphones, such as music, messages, navigation and search, into the dashboard interfaces of new vehicles. Google’s Android concept is particularly interesting, as the actual Audi built-in computer hardware will run on Android.

Now, while you are getting excited about these new smart vehicles, it is important to think about the impact on your business and future marketing.

With consumers able to connect with Google search right from their vehicle, it will be evermore important to have your website optimized for online marketing and mobile capabilities.

Here are a number of situations that you want your business to be ready for:

Car Maintenance Business: A consumer’s vehicle is having some trouble while they are out for a drive.  Using the built-in Google search functionality, the vehicle suggests the best, closest repair shop to get the car fixed.  Will your business be the one Google suggests?

Restaurant: A family is on a road trip across Canada.  They are driving down the highway and ask their car to take them to the nearest Chinese food restaurant.  Will your business be the one Google chooses to lead these hungry consumers to?

Musuem/Attraction: A family is on a road trip through Western Canada.  The vehicle notices a nearby attraction and suggests the family to stop by for a visit.  Will Google suggest your business as an attraction for nearby consumers?

These few examples are meant to illustrate the importance of online marketing and how extensively it can affect your business. Google and other major search engines are constantly updating their technologies and developing new ways to market your business.  It is crucial to stay in the loop about these developments, and even research into future expectations, to make sure your business stays ahead of the pack.

Smart Phones and now Smart Cars..

..But haven’t we seen this before? If you were lucky enough to be around in the 80’s do you remember Kitt from Knight Rider?

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