What is Website Development?

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

What is Website Development?

When we search for a website on, say, creating a Japanese garden, we know when we find a worthy space. Its clean and graceful design will lure us into stopping on the landing page. Perhaps an image of a moss-covered garden in the iconic style of Kokedera in Kyoto will have us reluctant to leave. And an alluring font in a color reminiscent of crushed winter berries has us ready to click our way into the depths of what is on offer.

A clever Website designer knows her audience and how to give what they want. Or need. What does the Website developer add to the experience? Or are Website design and Website development one and the same?

Website development is not website design; though in the occasionally mushy world of online design, it may be that the same human being can turn her hand to both activities.

A Website developer is less concerned with placing that outstanding image of moss in the perfect place and more into how a user will find exactly what she needs on the site. After all, fonts that bleed on the page like crushed berries may be fabulous, but what is really important is if the site visitor can find the information she is looking for. If she can’t she will commit that image of Kokedera to memory and move on.

It is the Website developer that writes the code that lies beneath the visuals of the site; that has  the imagination and creativity to bring intuitive design to the interface.

If a gardening consultant knows exactly how to help a urban dweller create a small Japanese garden that is true to the historic designs of that nation, he is a gifted being. And his Website should function in such a way that lets its visitors know this.

A well-developed Website not only functions flawlessly when it comes to technology, it is able to guess what the visitor wants to do next. An image of sand racked in perfect circles may conjure up questions for the site visitor – like what happens when it rains? Or snows? A creative site developer will have set things up so that this question is answered in 2 seconds. And the exploration can continue.

We all know an outstanding website when we see one. We just know. It is the Website developer that has made it so.

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