We often get asked why we are called Marwick Marketing. Nope, it’s not one of our surnames.

It’s something that makes us different from any other online marketing agency, SEO company or website design agency.

Marwick is a remote surfing spot on an outer island “somewhere” between Scotland and Iceland.

Our CEO Christian and a handful of European surfers explored this area during the late 90’s. The waves in this area are simply word class, but the climate extremely harsh and isolated. You have to put the effort in to be rewarded un-crowded, perfect waves.

We found that the effort spent in searching un-ridden surf, was similar getting the job down when it came to producing excellent results via online marketing. Here’s what Christian says;

The reason I called our online marketing agency Marwick, was simply a testament to the lengths we go to in our work and personal lives for perfection. To truly succeed you HAVE to go that extra mile whether that’s surfing or business.

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