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…but before you go, here are some fun facts about us:

  1. We’re the highest-rated agency in your area based on Google Reviews AND Better Business Bureau Reviews.
  2. We’re in the top 5% of fastest-growing Premier Google Partner Agencies in your area.
  3. We’re 100% Canadian owned and operated, our work is never outsourced. 
  4. We’re the only agency in Canada that 100% focuses on Search Marketing. 
  5. We can explain the dollar value of good SEO in your sector (ask us).
  6. Outside of office hours our team loves to hike, bike, surf, kiteboard, ski, camp and spend good times, with good people.
  7. We have real-life case studies from companies in your area.
  8. We love Instagram, come check it out and get a sneak peak into our story, the people and the places that drive our agency.