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While “follow us on Twitter” messages from marketers appear ubiquitous, Bain says that hashtags can be more effective. For instance, after Audi included the hashtag #ProgressIs in its Super Bowl ad, the company “completely dominated” Twitter discussions about progress for the month, Bain says. RadioShack also used #youneedanewphone in April, and Comedy Central ran a #TrumpRoast hashtag at the bottom of the screen during its March telecast.

Like Audi though, you might decide to opt for an open-ended hashtag that encourages people to add their own thoughts. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has driven engagement by running hashtags that invite audience participation, like #myparentsareweird and #thereshouldbealaw.

Cultivating an audience for your brand via social media is more complicated than simply blasting out a TV ad. The key difference is follow-through.

Patrick Kerley, senior digital strategist with Levick Strategic Communications, says that Kraft Macaroni & Cheese’s recent Twitter promotion illustrates the consequences of a brand that fails to recognize the campaign tools available. In March, the brand ran a program called “Mac & Jinx” that rewarded people who used the phrase “mac & cheese” in their tweets. Kerley won the contest and its prize, but has yet to receive an email or other promotion, despite having submitted his email address. He also notes that, at the time, around 2,700 people followed @KraftMacnCheese. Kerley suggests, “Had the brand said, ‘Be the first person to follow us’ or ‘Follow us and visit this URL,’ they would very likely be sitting on a very large online audience that could be reminded every day about the brand, its products and other promotions.”