Marketing Consultant Vancouver

How Can A Marketing Consultant Help

The world of marketing can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. There are many channels for marketing your business, each with their own benefits and weaknesses. Marketing consultants can help very helpful in guiding your business through tough decisions and help you reach more customers while spending less. If you haven’t seen our new video, check […]

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Google maps digital street view

Google Maps Digital Timeline

When Google Maps first released their “Street View” setting in 2007, the public was blown away. It was hard to believe that if you typed in any location on your computer on any of the 7 continents, you would be given a 360 degree view of that exact position. Now, Google has taken another giant […]

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baby prank

Devil Baby Prank

The makers of new horror film Devil’s Due decided to take a different approach to promote their new movie…and it’s scary! The producers made a remote-controlled stroller with a ‘devil baby’ under the covers. Once approached the stroller, the baby sits up and terrifies anyone near it. With no dialogue in this video, we can […]

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Jelly App

Jelly: The Next Big App?

“Point. Shoot. Ask” The three simple steps you need to do in order to use Jelly, a new mobile app created by Twitter cofounder Biz Stone. This is a photo app that allows you to ask and answer questions within your social networks So far, it’s only designed for mobile users and it gives you […]

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instagram marketing moments

Claim Your Instagram 2013 Best Moments

Instagram launched in October 2010 and has gone from a trendy “Hipster Only” iOS-only app to a full scale social media network. Fast forward only three years (which is a long time in the world of Social Media) and Instagram is used by 25% of Fortune 500 companies and hosts over 150,000,000 users. To end […]

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google+ social media

How to Claim Your Google+ Vanity URL

Some great news this week for SEO consultants and business owners alike. Google’s crazy long url’s on your business and personal profiles are going. Find out how to claim yours before someone else does! Google Plus has gone strength to strength since its launch in 2011. Many people joked about it being a no-man’s land […]

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The Funniest Questions Asked to British Gas Today via Twitter

It’s safe to say that in the UK, British Gas isn’t a popular company. Increasing heating bills that leave the poor and elderly turning off their heating in order to keep bills down. While at the same time the company’s shareholders enjoy over £575,000,000 in profits every year. So when the social media team at […]

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Girls reading SEO social media post

Do You Need Help With Social Media?

Do You Need Help With Social Media? Social media isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon. Our laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices allow us to use social media whenever we want. And the statistics on the use of such social media giants as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube reveal that we’re using social media a […]

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logo Cornwall Online Marketing Company in Newquay

Online Marketing Company in Newquay

Wondering what it takes to be Newquay’s number one online marketing company? We understand Newquay and the business sectors within it. Our team who are from Newquay understand website design, SEO, SME, PPC, Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), Social Media, offline marketing and business. We know that any business in Newquay with a […]

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