How to get visitors in your website

What is Remarketing?

You know when you’re on a website and you randomly see banner ads of some shoes or articles of clothing you had recently looked at? You think to yourself how did they know that and why am I seeing this? This is Remarketing. It’s the idea that advertisers can track your browsing activity and present […]

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top 5 marketing tools banner marwick

Top 5 Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

    Do you want to produce content like a pro? Here’s our Top 5 Marketing Tools for Small Businesses! (and the best part is- these are all very easy to use!)   1. Grammarly (Writing) The top writing-enhancement platform! It proofreads and edits your writing for you, so you can be confident that every […]

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new google adwords features

The New Google Ads Features!

Google Ads has recently updated some of their features- and created a few new ones! In addition to a new layout, the new Google Ads interface can be a bit of a hassle to understand. But, we’ve got you covered- here’s the rundown on the new features!       1. Promotion Extensions      The […]

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Auto Digital Marketing

State Of Marketing: BC Auto Industry

A survey by the Automotive Retailers Association (ARA) and Google Partner Agency Marwick Internet Marketing entitled ARA Marketing Into 2017 – Researching The Shift In Marketing Trends compared the marketing efforts of six automotive sectors (towing, licensed motor dealers, collision, mechanical, auto glass and auto recycling) and found that almost two-thirds (61%) of respondents will […]

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Jennifer Knox Etsy

Meet Jennifer Knox – Etsy

Jennifer Knox is the PR and Communications manager at Etsy. We spoke with her to find out more about how customers are searching and shopping online in 2016. Jennifer provides expert insights into search marketing, social media and the shift from traditional media to digital media.

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Blog Oli Gardner co-founder Unbounce Video Marwick Hot seat

Meet Oli Gardner Co-founder of Unbounce

What does it take to convert a website visitor to a customer? Is a beautifully designed website enough? Can a small business realistically run A/B testing? We sat down with Oli Gardner from Unbounce to find out.    

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Blog Michelle Slater Video Marwick Hot seat

Meet Michelle Slater – Head of Twitter

Should your business be on every social media channel? What should small to medium sized business owners be thinking about for digital marketing in 2017? We caught up with Michelle Slater, Head of Marketing at Twitter to find the answers.    

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Marwick Blog How to use Snapchat’s Geofencing

How to use Snapchat’s Geofencing

Maximize the mobile movement with Snapchat’s Geofencing.  80% of mobile users prefer 80% of mobile users prefer location relevant advertising and Geofencing is your solution!  This location-awareness technology detects when customers enter through a virtual fence. The geographic ‘fence’ can be an entire city, or just the small block around your business. When a user ‘snaps’ in this designated location, they receive a push notification carrying your […]

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Facebook login screen

Step by Step Guide: How To Grant Access to Facebook Page

Whether you like Facebook or not you know the most popular social media outlet. The chance for you to engage with your customers on Facebook is massive. If you post great content consistently you will see the popularity of your page increasing and in a perfect world, this will have a flow on effect with […]

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Akruto sync mockup

Life Made Easy for Outlook Users with AkrutoSync

Outlook has been a standard tool in the business world for years, providing an excellent way to manage email, calendars, tasks, contacts and more. However, with workplace technology becoming more advanced and devices used becoming more diverse it is difficult for many people to sync their devices properly, making organizing your schedule more tedious than […]

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