what is digital PR for SEO and how to do it

Digital PR: What is it and how to do it right?

Digital PR, short for digital public relations, is essentially a set of marketing strategies that use online channels to raise brand awareness and improve a brand’s online presence. It’s like traditional PR, but for the internet age. Here are some key things to know about digital PR: Goals: The main goals of digital PR are to […]

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E-E-A-T guide for SEO in 2024 and beyond

E-E-A-T Guide For 2024 And Beyond

With the Search Quality Rater Guidelines (QRG) update in December 2022, Google has placed a renewed emphasis on “Experience” alongside Trust, signaling a shift towards valuing firsthand knowledge and personal insight in content creation.

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product page SEO tips for ecommerce stores

Product Page SEO: Tips To Get Your Products Ranking

Table of Contents 1. Doing Proper Keyword Research: Beyond Search Volume to User Intent When crafting an SEO strategy for your e-commerce product pages, the cornerstone of your efforts begins with thorough keyword research. However, the process involves much more than simply targeting terms with the highest search volume. To truly excel, you must delve deeper to […]

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keyword cannibalization in seo

Understanding and Avoiding Keyword Cannibalization in SEO

Table of Contents The Critical Role of Technical SEO and Strategic Content in Digital Marketing The phrase “content is King” has become a cornerstone in the SEO community, emphasizing the power of content in driving digital marketing success. But what you don’t hear anywhere near as often, is that strategy is Queen. And that combination […]

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seo news roundup for 2023 and seo trends for 2024

2023 In Review: SEO Edition

2023 might go down as one of the most important years for SEO since Google’s rise to dominance in the early 2000’s. We’ve had overlapping algorithm updates, high profile anti trust lawsuits, new evidence of previously unconfirmed ranking signals, and of course: AI.   What Happened In SEO This Year? Let’s get the big news […]

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Important SEO Takeaways From Google’s Antitrust Trial

Important SEO Takeaways From Google’s Antitrust Trial

Google’s ongoing antitrust trial has been a parade of PR disasters for the search giant. First there was this revelation from VP of Ads Jerry Dischler, in which we learned that Google “frequently” raises minimum ad prices by as much as 5% so the company can reach revenue targets. There are even many who think […]

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google io 2023 and the future of search

Big changes are coming to Google Search!

On Wednesday, May 10th, Google hosted their annual I/O developer conference – something that all of us in the digital marketing world had been waiting for. Usually, I/O doesn’t focus very much (if at all) on Googles core product – Search. In fact, this developer conference is usually focused on everything else but Search. And […]

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Rank Math Vs Yoast seo

Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO: the Showdown

These days virtually anyone with a website, whether for blogging or business, understands the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and how it helps in reaching a wider audience. For some time now, Yoast SEO has been used by those seeking to improve their SEO with a simple plugin. However, Rank Math is gaining greater […]

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international seo and how to target US and Canada

How to correctly configure your site to target both US and Canada for International SEO Success

For Canadian businesses who are looking to expand to target US users (and vice versa, for that matter), knowing how to go about it can seem daunting and complex. Do you use subdomains? Or folders? Or register a whole new domain? Do you need the .com and the .ca versions? And what about currency switching? […]

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medical seo for healthcare websites

Healthcare SEO: 10 actionable strategies to improve E-E-A-T for medical sites

SEO for sites in the medical industry has some unique challenges. As a key YMYL niche, many of the SERPs you’d want to target here have additional layers of manual review by the search quality raters. As well as all of the usual SEO factors, you’re also up against heavy competition from some hugely authoritative […]

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