what is digital PR for SEO and how to do it

Digital PR: What is it and how to do it right?

Digital PR, short for digital public relations, is essentially a set of marketing strategies that use online channels to raise brand awareness and improve a brand’s online presence. It’s like traditional PR, but for the internet age. Here are some key things to know about digital PR: Goals: The main goals of digital PR are to […]

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tourism marketing for Vancouver businesses

Tourism Marketing Strategies for Vancouver Businesses

As Vancouver awakens to the promise of the upcoming tourism season, local businesses are perfectly positioned to welcome a world of opportunities. The city’s enchanting blend of natural scenery, urban energy, and cultural diversity not only draws visitors from every corner of the globe but also presents a vibrant canvas for businesses to showcase their […]

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bottom of funnel marketing guide

Bottom Of Funnel Marketing Guide: What It Means & How To Do It

Quick Links What is Bottom Of Funnel (BoF) Marketing? To fully grasp the concept of Bottom of Funnel (BoF) marketing, it’s essential to begin with an understanding of the traditional sales funnel. Picture a funnel, broad at the top and narrowing down towards the bottom. This is a classic metaphor used in sales and marketing […]

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SEO strategies for IT service companies

Leveraging SEO for Success in IT Services: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s fast-paced digital world, IT service companies face a unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to marketing their services. The key to unlocking their potential lies in the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This comprehensive guide delves into the pivotal role SEO plays in enhancing the online presence of IT […]

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digital marketing tips for accountants in Vancouver

Elevating Your Practice: Our Top Digital Marketing Tips for Vancouver Accountants

Looking to really grow your accounting company in 2024? Digital marketing for accounting companies is a great way to bring in more qualified leads, and grow your practice like never before. The right online marketing strategy for your firm should be targeted, scalable and engaging. These tips will hopefully get you thinking and ready to […]

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the future of digital marketing for dental clinics and how to leverage AI in your dental marketing

The Future Of Dental Clinic Marketing

Introduction  Marwick Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency and Google Partner agency with a core focus on dental clinics. With headquarters in Vancouver, Marwick Marketing increases customer acquisition and retention and improves the effectiveness of marketing budgets. Book A Call How Will Artificial Intelligence Shape the Future of Marketing a Dental Clinic? Artificial intelligence […]

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Why It May Be Time to Switch Your Marketing Agency

Working with a marketing agency is meant to be a partnership that benefits both parties, but as time goes by, things may not work out as hoped and desired results may not appear. Even when this happens, some people have difficulty making changes. They may think that if they give it a bit more time, […]

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BC Auto Marketing

The Future Of Marketing In The BC Auto Industry

In just one year, the automotive landscape drastically shifted in ways that would have normally taken five. While the general truths of the automotive industry remain the same, new trends demand both your attention and seamless, customer-centric solutions. In late 2021 Premier Google Partner agency Marwick Marketing in association with the Automotive Retailers Association surveyed […]

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Marketing in the Metaverse: how businesses can thrive in the great unknown

If there’s anything digital marketers and advertisers have found out in the past decade, it’s that nothing stays the same for very long. Increased competition and near-daily disruption make succeeding with traditional digital marketing methods more difficult by the day. Meanwhile, some marketers have their sights locked onto an opportunity they believe is much bigger: […]

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Key Google Analytics Reports for Really Understanding Your Ecommerce Business

You work hard to make your business all it can be, so when you need to make important choices, you want them to be informed decisions. Fortunately, there is no shortage of information available to you, especially with tools like Google Analytics. Google Analytics is so effective that nearly 70% of the top 10,000 sites online are using […]

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