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Top 5 Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

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October 5, 2017 by Christian Thomson



Do you want to produce content like a pro?

Here’s our Top 5 Marketing Tools for Small Businesses!

(and the best part is- these are all very easy to use!)


1. Grammarly (Writing)


The top writing-enhancement platform! It proofreads and edits your writing for you, so you can be confident that every e-mail is sent perfected before sent, and every post/message makes you look like a true pro!



2. PicMonkey (Design)


One of the simplest ways to produce high-quality, fast-paced content! PicMonkey offers many different design selections and is easy enough to use for beginner-level designers.



3. Slack (Communication)

Slack is essential for great team communication, and it’s actually what we use right in our Marwick offices! In simpler terms, it’s a chatting platform.



4. Dropbox (Collaboration)

The top file hosting service to date, Dropbox offers the best way to store files and collaborate on a creative cloud.



5. Hootsuite (Social Media)


A platform for managing social media, Hootsuite is great for creating your content in advance! Imagine a time when you’ve been on vacation and you would have loved to be sipping pina coladas and dipping your toes in the sand whilst your social media content was being posted promptly as scheduled. Hootsuite makes this possible!