It Is Time to Embrace Facebook Advertising

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

There is no denying Facebook has a massive audience across every age range. In November 2007 the option for brands to create a page was made available. With the potential to get in front of so many people, pages for businesses of all sizes quickly began popping up and gathering likes all for no cost. Facebook marketing is changing and most businesses believe having to pay for their status updates.

Many businesses saw revenues increase and for the people who were creative they managed to create a business from scratch. As social media began playing a bigger role in society the way businesses conducted marketing changed. Initially people saw every status from companies on their newsfeed, now it is less than 6% for a high majority of businesses – larger businesses note it can be as low as 0.5%.

The way to get posts seen?

Paid advertising via ads or boosted posts. It is now time to embrace the change.

Facebook provides a massive array of statistics to page owners and in early 2013 companies noticed the drop in percentage of their audience seeing posts. The initial reaction to this was negative with those who had never paid a cent for promotion on Facebook suddenly seeing their Facebook leads diminishing.

Some brands manage to significant number of views, with gurus stating posts needed to be of high quality. Posts receiving high levels of engagement (likes, comments and shares) were being seen by the majority of their audience.

As of late 2014, this still holds true however putting money into Facebook marketing has gained acceptance with many businesses seeing great success using a combination of Facebook Ads and boosted posts.

Screw the Nine to Five is a brand with over 31,000 likes. They joined Facebook on March 7, 2013. They post great content which is great of course as it helps people see their posts organically, but they have also invested thousands of dollars in building an audience and engaging with the audience to ensure they are being seen.

Jill and Josh (the faces behind Screw the Nine to Five) have now said on various podcasts they are earning over $30,000 a month. They contribute a significant portion directly to Facebook as a platform. They invested into Facebook advertising and saw the long-term value and are now reaping the rewards.

When advertising on Facebook, you are able to get very specific in regards to who sees your posts. If you want to target 31-40 year old males working in the construction industry who enjoy rugby and golf, you can do it!

While your posts may now get in front of the people you want to, they can still scroll on past your post. Quality still matters. Taking the time to craft your message for specific segments of your audience is vital to ensure you get value.

Google Ads is somewhat of a science, and as a result many companies now focus on managing Google AdWords accounts to provide maximum value. It did not take long for companies who specialize in Facebook advertising to sprout up. If you are willing to invest further, hiring a company to optimize Facebook campaigns can be highly valuable.

Getting organic traffic on Facebook is not as easy as it once was. You may get lucky and have a post go viral but this should not be expected. Taking the time to understand Facebook advertising is important, especially for small businesses, which may be putting the majority of the yearly marketing budget into Facebook. With the right implementation, business can continue to boom as a result of Facebook.

Social media is evolving as these companies begin to generate revenue, embracing the changes can help you grow – fast.

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