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[Blog by online marketing consultant and “avid” runner Christian Thomson. For press, blog or interview inquiries regarding Sensoria please contact us – NOTE: Since publication of this blog the campaign has gone live on Indiegogo]

There are 25 million runners in the USA alone and many of these runners will at some point cause injury to themselves with poor running technique. The most common is striking the ground with their heel.

If you’re a keen runner, into online marketing or even crowd funding you’ve probably heard of the Nike Fuel Band or the FitBit which have been successful recently.

Well let’s take that concept a little further.

Imagine a “sock” that not only tells you how fast you’re going and how far you run, like the above devices) but also measures basic absolute and shear pressure, which can provide real time information about when and where the foot lands on the ground, as well as stride length, cadence, intensity and activity type, whether you’re standing, walking, running. Well let me introduce you to Sensoria (

3 minutes introduction to Sensoria Fitness, a new patent pending wearable solution for fitness and sports currently in development by Heapsylon.
Sensoria Fitness has been selected as finalist of the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup.

This sensor filled (and thankfully washable) sock is the latest in the potentially long line of new “wearable technologies” from USA based company Heapsylon.

“We were talking about the next wave of computing – the next computers are going to be embedded in what we wear – and being from Italy, we were naturally talking about fashion – Co-founder and CEO Davide Vigano”

He and his two co-founders, who worked for Microsoft in the Xbox and health software divisions, saw a hole in the wearable technology market: socks.

“We started with a part of the body that’s under pressure and under-served by the tech industry,” Vigano said

Targeting runners is just the start for Heapsylon, which got its name from the “Heap” C++ function and the Greek letter Y (upsilon) to remind the founders of the need for pragmatic innovation. The company knows that smart socks can be leveraged in multiple scenarios that require monitoring of balance and weight-shifting of the body — think golf, skiing or even diabetic foot ulcer monitoring or fall prevention in elderly patients.

“We will release a set of open API’s for developers to build their own app on Sensoria and deliver on these scenarios,” Vigano said.

Indiegogo Marketing

In the coming weeks Sensoria will be taking to the crowd funding platform Indiegogo to raise money for the first launch of the product.

Follow the launch at

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