The Best Content Writing Tools To Help You Craft Killer Content

Truly great content is the fuel for any great marketing campaign.

As a website owner, you probably find yourself having to produce a great deal of written content and that can sometimes be problematic.

Perhaps you don’t feel that you are a good writer, or perhaps you have difficulty keeping your thoughts and notes organized. It may also be that you enjoy writing but feel that your grammar isn’t quite at the polished, professional level that you would like it to be.

Fortunately, there are many writing tools that can help with the creation of quality content. Whether you need a little help to touch up the work you produce, or more significant assistance in staying focused and getting the work done, there are many content-writing tools to choose from.


Free Content Writing Tools

Looking to produce great content but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Several free content-writing tools exist to help you. You don’t need to pay a fortune to get the help you need with your written content. Some popular free tools include:



Grammarly is a popular tool that can be used to correct your documents, either by visiting their site, adding the extension to Chrome, or by installing the Grammarly Keyboard on your iPhone or Android device. It not only finds spelling errors, but it also provides suggestions on how to make your writing clear based on your goals and intent.


ProWriting Aid

Like Grammarly, ProWritingAid checks your spelling and grammar. It is available both free or paid, with the free version offering summaries of your key writing issues and allowing up to 500-word documents to be edited.


Answer the Public

If your content writing difficulties stem less from the technical side and more from finding what to write, Answer the Public may prove to be a useful tool for you. Answer the Public gives you insight into what people are talking about and the questions they want to be answered. This provides a perfect means of responding to the needs of your potential customers and finding trending topics to write about.


Brain FM

A different type of writing tool, Brain FM isn’t a tool that provides help with your writing, but rather a tool that helps you to get the writing done. Brain FM uses music to help you focus, block out distractions, and get down to the business of writing. By helping you achieve the proper state of mind to do your work, Brain FM aims to help you become more productive.


SEO Content Writing Tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is done to improve the ranking of your website, making it easier to find in Google and other search engines. These are tools that assist with good SEO, helping you to appear to more potential customers.



Ubbersuggest is an SEO tool that shows you information regarding keywords—those words and phrases that users input when using a search engine to find something they need. With Ubbersuggest, you can include keywords in your content that are being searched for or research alternate keywords that might have less competition.


Google Keyword Planner

Like Ubbersuggest, Google Keyword Planner is a tool to help select the right keywords and phrases to ensure that your content gets noticed by moving you to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). While there are several keyword tools available, the benefit of Google Keyword Planner is that it is a tool provided directly by Google. Given Google’s position as the most-used search engine, many will choose to use it in the hopes of garnering Google’s favour.


Google Trends

Another tool provided by Google, Google Trends helps you plan your content by revealing what topics and stories are popular among Google users within a particular industry or theme. As with some other tools, this can help with planning content that is current and relevant.


AI Content Writing Tools

AI content writing tools take a different approach to helping you create content by providing computer-generated writing for use in anything from ads to blog posts. You will select certain parameters, so that if your business deals in pet foods, you may decide you want a social media post about the best dog foods. The AI will then analyze similar content from around the web and create a new, original piece of content.



Writesonic is a marketing platform that helps you create content. It offers tools to assist with everything from landing pages to Google Ads and social media posts. It’s a great tool for handling the more mundane tasks such as writing emails and SEO meta descriptions.



Wordtune works with you as you write, helping you to rephrase your writing to get your ideas across in the best way possible. This tool doesn’t create copy for you, but rather provides an assist to marketers who need a bit of guidance to improve their writing.



This AI tool is perfect for those whose content relies heavily on data. Wordsmith creates content that sounds natural and human-made, basing it on large data sets and making it a great option for financial reports and other data-heavy posts.


Best Content Writing Tools

With many options to choose from, selecting the right content writing tool may seem difficult, but in case you didn’t yet find what you need, here are a few more of the best content writing tools for your consideration:



Geared toward writing long documents, Scrivener helps with the organization of your writing and research.



A writing tool for SEO, Frase is excellent at suggesting long-tail keywords, as well as providing context for the recommendation to help you decide if they are suitable. It can create content briefs on any topic and can reduce creation time significantly.


Hemingway App

This free app is well-known among content writers and copywriters. Hemingway App helps to simplify your writing to improve readability with a simple, streamlined interface.

Although content writing can occasionally be challenging, there are many tools available today that can help make the creation process easier. Whatever your particular need, there is a tool that can help. 


But if all of this still seems overwhelming, if you are short on time or motivation, or if your particular company needs a bit more professional pizzazz, hiring a copywriter may still be your best solution.

Christian Thomson

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