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Optimize Your Conversion Rate

January 4, 2018 by MarwickEditor

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO for short, is the technique of using tools such as analytics to help improve and optimize your website. CRO involves you improving any metric on your website that’s vital to your operation. Whether your goal is to acquire new customers, sell a product, or download a particular product, your website needs to be optimized in key areas.… Read more

Website Design

What is a good website design?

March 27, 2013 by Christian Thomson

What is a good website design? Unlocking the mastery of good web design is not nearly as simple as it seems on the surface. Even though there are any number of high-end web design companies around the globe offering to transform your web presence in an instant, the simple fact of the matter is that very few web designers truly understand the difference between good design that looks visually appealing and great design that drives sales.… Read more

Website Design, Website Development

What is Website Development?

March 17, 2013 by Christian Thomson

What is Website Development? When we search for a website on, say, creating a Japanese garden, we know when we find a worthy space. Its clean and graceful design will lure us into stopping on the landing page. Perhaps an image of a moss-covered garden in the iconic style of Kokedera in Kyoto will have us reluctant to leave.… Read more