How Google’s SSL Certificate Changes Will Impact Your Business

Many people today would be lost without their internet connection. No matter what walk of life you come from, chances are you spend at least a portion of every day online, whether you are running a business, engaging in online shopping, doing your banking, or simply spending time on social media. With all that time spent online, we want to be sure that our actions are secure.

We are constantly sharing personal data and sensitive information, but don’t always take the precautions that we should. With so much potential for data theft and other wrongdoing, security is extremely important.

Among those taking online security seriously is Google, and this is worthy of your attention.

Why is SSL certificate important?

At present, Google Chrome owns the largest market share of any search engine, with a 66% share of all web browser usage on desktops and a greater than 50% share of mobile search usage. This adds up to a 56% share of all usage across all devices. Chrome has proven so popular that the Chrome brand name has been applied to other devices and services such as Chromecast, Chromebook, Chromebase, Chromebit, and Chromebox.

Clearly, then, while other browsers are not to be overlooked, decisions made by Google tend to have the greatest impact on the online world and those who do business there.
One of Google’s primary goals is to offer the best possible online experience for its users. As an example, Google rankings will favour a site that attempts to offer legitimate value to users, as opposed to merely serving up affiliate links or offering low quality, irrelevant content to readers.

Consequently, a website that offers a secure environment for users to conduct their affairs in will be viewed as offering a better experience than one which is less secure. 


How does Google measure that security?

Google gives preference to sites that possess an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. You will be familiar with these sites, possessing HTTPS as opposed to HTTP. You will also see the small padlock beside the URL in the address bar.

These sites were originally associated with things like online purchases and banking, where they denoted a secure environment for transactions. Today, they are becoming more common on other types of sites as well, including Facebook, Twitter, and others.

woman using mobile phone-SSL Certificate

What is SSL?

SSL is used to keep data encrypted as it is sent across the internet. When you are sending information, it is passed from computer to computer until it reaches its destination. Any information being sent (such as credit card numbers, usernames, and passwords) is visible to the computers it passes along the way if it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate. The encryption provided by the certificate renders your information unreadable to anyone other than the one you are intending to send it to. This will give it protection from identity thieves and hackers.

In addition to the encryption that it offers, an SSL certificate serves as authentication, so that you can rest assured that the server you are sending your information to is the correct one, and not an imposter that might be attempting to steal your data.

Https sites are becoming standard, and when, starting in July 2018.

Google starts actively calling attention to a site’s lack of SSL certificate, this could have the effect of turning away visitors who feel that the site is not secure.

It would be in the best interest of any business or individual to see to it that their site possesses SSL certification. If they do not, they may be perceived as unsafe by visitors, and less-desirable for a high ranking in Google’s metrics.


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