Online Marketing Workshops – SEO, Social Media and PPC

If you’re looking for an expert in search engine optimization, social media or online marketing to come talk to your team, staff or group then look no further.

We provide unforgettable training at yours or at our head office in Langley. We’ve been doing this for over 9 years, let us share our knowledge!

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SEO, Social Media and Online Advertising – At Your Conference

Our experienced team are able to talk at your event or conference anywhere in Canada or the USA. We have delivered talks to universities and government associations like the BC Association for Charitable Gaming. We can cover a wide range of topics including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Google, Marketing and Business.

SEO, Social Media and Online Advertising – For Your Work Place

Our social media, marketing and SEO workshop is targeted at those not yet using social media or those that have dipped their toe in the water but aren’t sure how to progress with it. We can arrange to host the training within your organisation or at one of the top locations in BC, Canada. We also have a range of in-house facilities for you to use at our head office just off Highway 1 30 minutes from Downtown Vancouver.

The workshop will cover:

Appreciate what social media is and what it can do for your business

  • Understand how to develop a social media strategy and implement a measurement system
  • Think about who should be involved internally
  • Grasp how to set up profiles, get started and manage your social media activity going forward
  • Learn about the tools and applications that make using it so much easier

SEO Training

Social Media, SEO & PPC Training 1 on 1

We provide in social media, SEO or PPC training for companies or associations looking to get a strong understanding so they can implement and integrate the changes required to boost website traffic. This is ideal for business owners who are just starting out or do not have their social media setup. This is also ideal for a business owner who has signed up to social media, SEO or Google Adwords but finds themselves wasting hours surfing through all the “noise” wondering how to make the most of 20 minutes a day social media, SEO or PPC activity. Our private One-on-One coaching starts at $90 an hour.