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Marwick Marketing is Victoria’s top social media marketing agency, and we specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses increase their social media presence and grow their brands.

We take the time to get to know your brand, your audience and your goals. Then, our expert social media consultants compile all of that into a fully customized social media strategy.

With a deep understanding of your brand and your target audience, we’ll focus our efforts on the social media channels where your target customers are most active. Crafting and creating unique, resonating content that gets you noticed.

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Social Media Packages That Grow With You


A starter package perfect for small business who just want to have a social media presence. 


Ads onto the starter package with a higher posting coverage to show a more consistent web presence. Allows for more feedback and adjustments from the client. 


Perfect for clients looking to boost and grow their online following.

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How We Do It

Our Process

1. Discover

Our deep discovery stage is where it all begins.

You’ll sit down with your dedicated team of social media strategists and Account Director, for a deep dive on you, your brand and what you’re looking to achieve.

2. Research

Armed with a thorough understanding of your brand, it’s time for us to dig into your target audience.

Together we’ll define who they are, where they spend their time online and what content they consume and interact with.

3. Strategize

Now it’s time for our expert social media strategists to get to work.

We’ll define a clear, actionable social media marketing strategy built around the key content pillars that speak directly to your target audience.

4. Execute

Each month, we’ll create, publish and promote content that grows a dedicated and engaged following.

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