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Social Media in 2014 – Seven Trends To Keep You Ahead

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November 13, 2013 by Christian Thomson

Social Media Trends for 2014

With the increasing development and growth of social media platforms, it is hard to know where one should commit their time and resources in 2014.

social media trends 2014

As you get to the end of 2013, it is of great importance that you take a look into the future of social media and see how you can get ahead of your competition and connect with existing and new customers in 2014.

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I don’t have time for social media – is no longer an excuse, it’s a set up for failure.

Even though the investment of time and resources into a social media management is without a doubt very necessary in 2013, it is believed that the public’s response will change from “should” to “must” in 2014. Various businesses are by now accepting the fact that it is necessary to integrate their content strategy with their social media efforts. They are also realizing the social media’s impact in terms of referral traffic, SEO, lead generation and revenue.

As these measurable and real benefits are realized by businesses, there will be a move away from the assignment of social media duties to existing employees. More companies will also be seen employing social media strategists or connecting with online marketing agencies. Social media has many benefits which may include:

• Company branding
• An improvement in the social signals, a good factor for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Word-of-mouth advertising – for example Google’s “shared endorsements
• Improves brand awareness
• Increases the customer trust and loyalty
• Improves the audience reach and influence

Put More Effort Into Google Plus.

Even though Facebook goes on to lead the bunch in terms of the number of monthly active users (which is over one billion), Google+ is gaining steam at a high pace. As a matter of fact, it is now the one with the 2nd highest number of monthly users, i.e. 343 million.

With Google making use of the platform in the collection of personal information such as location, think demographics and others, Google+ shouldn’t be thought of as simply another social network. It is increasingly proving to be an essential component of Google’s grand scheme in regards to social signals, SEO and presenting a more custom-made search experience. There is no doubt about this, especially with the significance of Google Authorship, which is projected to be one of Google’s key components in its (Google) search-ranking algorithm by the time 2014 ends.

It is also believed that several businesses will turn to Google+ as their closest thing to a “one-size-fits-all” social network. Whilst Google+ shifts to greater integration with the web’s other features, its growth will probably skyrocket both in terms of personal and business use.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.

A consistent trend has been observed in 2013 towards sharing through video and image, rather than content which is text-based. Visual content will progressively become a more critical piece of any solid-content strategy. Pinterest will keep on shedding its reputation as a network for only women as it develops into an integral part of marketing strategies for retailers.

Other social media sites which are image-based such as Tumblr, Slideshare, Mobli and Path will continue to develop, and businesses will have to pay more attention to the “share-ability” factor of the photos on their blogs and websites so as to gain significant benefit out of their efforts in social media content marketing.

The internet is destined to become more visual with Google and Apple TV. Start building video content into your online marketing to get a foothold in the online marketing world.

Mini-Video Platforms = Your Company Now Owns a Broadcasting Channel

In recent months it’s become clear that writing a short tweet and the taking of three-minute-long videos is turning out to be too much hassle for some business owners. Mini-Video is the rescue-alternative.

We’ve seen the recent launches of Mini-Video mobile apps such as Vine for Twitter and the current video sharing feature of Instagram. There is movement towards real-time sharing of videos. With Instagram consenting to 3-15 seconds for each video, and vine consenting to exactly 6 seconds, it is likely that more videos will be created and shared from the users’ Smartphones. It’ll be exciting to see if and how the playing field will be changed by these bite-sized content pieces when it gets to video-based social-media.

This is one I made last weekend while shopping with our 4 year old boy/girl twins and Dylan our 7 year boy. Anyone who has kids knows the feeling of saying “don’t touch” when walking around the shop.

I found it way too funny and created a little Vine video. Aptly named “Don’t Touch


Foursquare Foreclosed.

  With lame traffic numbers as well as considerable difficulties in raising capital investment in 2013, the struggle of Foursquare towards 2014 continues. With the other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram presenting location-based features, it appears that it’s just a matter of time before the users of Foursquare get absorbed into the other networks.  

You Know Your Grew Up in the 90’s When..

Myspace was the place to hang out and meet new friends. It died away with the growth of Twitter and Facebook, but wait, it’s coming back! Recently MySpace’s has had a radical make-over and rebranding efforts, the networking site seems to be on a second wind. With its offer of an iPhone app which lets users network, take delivery of private messages, listen-in to their personalized radio station, MySpace appears to be on a growth track in 2014. Even though MySpace may not be as competitive as Twitter or Facebook, observing how the network develops among music-lovers and brands will be interesting.

In Business? Linkedin is Everything.

As it continues to be many professionals’ number one social media site with over 238 million users, LinkedIn keeps on linking business owners to other business owners and continues to grow. After launching its influencers program, it’s positioning itself as one of the biggest sources of content-creation as well as collecting and sorting of content for professionals. As the site attracts more users, the advantages of using it will become huge for B2B marketers.


Twitter and Facebook are showing no signs of forthcoming decline; however, it’ll be interesting to observe their innovativeness so as to keep-up with the growth of Google+, in addition to the image and video-based networks.

Facebook turns ten years old in 2014, and it will continue placing its focus on mobile use as well as offering opportunities to advertisers to improve the objectives of their ads. Even though twitter is currently the most loved option amongst B2B marketers, it will be interesting to see how Google+’s rise will affect its share of the market.

Even though the majority of business owners know about the need of having a social media policy and management in place, it is firmly believed that 2014 will be the year for the majority to finally understand the need to commit all necessary resources and time towards their social-media efforts.

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