Sizzling Summer Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

marketing ideas for real estateAh, those lazy, hazy days of summer are here, and it couldn’t be a better time of year to put some sizzle back into your sales. With the warm weather and longer days comes tons of new opportunities to energize your real estate marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking to reach out to new buyers or reconnect with past clients, here are some summer marketing
ideas for real estate.

Start networking with new marketing ideas for real estate

Send out a summer fun newsletter
Summer is always jam packed with events and attractions. Why not piggyback on all that outdoor fun by creating a summer newsletter? It’s not only a great reason to stay connected with your target audience, it’s also an effective way to make a name for yourself as a local expert.

As tempted as you might be, don’t limit yourself to just writing about real estate stuff. Do a little research to find out what’s going on in and around your neighbourhood this summer. Include information on things like upcoming outdoor festivals, concerts, or sporting events—anything that you think will pique the interests of your readers.

Organize a summer BBQ
Looking for a great summer marketing idea for real estate? One way to stand out from the other agents is to host a neighborhood BBQ. There’re perfect for bonding with the community and generating positive brand exposure. Plus, who doesn’t love a good hotdog or hamburger (or veggie burger) on a hot summer day! So, if you want to build relationships and network, organizing a BBQ will get your name into the minds through the stomachs of existing and potentially new clientele.
Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures to throw up on your website and social media accounts.

Give out free stuff
People love free stuff. And the summer was made for swag. But when you are thinking up a list of giveaways, make sure they are long-term use items you can easily brand, like beach towels, hats, and tote bags. Don’t waste your time or money on merchandise that won’t “stick.” Those plastic drinking cups or balloons plastered with your logo and marketing message will wind up in the trash faster than can hand them out.

Create summer themed blogs and social media posts
There’s no denying the value of blogs and social media posts as an effective summer marketing idea for real estate. They’re instrumental in boosting SEO rankings, improving online traffic, increasing leads, and establishing you as an industry expert. Still, many real estate agents have a tendency to let posting slide during the busy summer season.

If you really want to connect with your readers, create interesting and relevant posts that are going to capture their attention. And when it comes to producing eye-catching content, there is certainly no shortage of summer themes to liven up your posts. Remember, just like your newsletter, they don’t all have to be about real estate. For example, try offering some handy energy saving tips to stay cool in summer or top ways to spruce up the yard.

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For real estate agents, summer is your time to shine. Get creative, think outside of the box, and most importantly, be prepared to put the work in. In the end, your summertime real estate sales will speak for themselves. Connect with the team at Marwick Marketing and start connecting to new online searches.

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