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Depending on the services we provide, and if you already have these in place, we may ask for you to share access to (but not limited);

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  • Google Adwords

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Typically this a log in web address followed by a user name and password. We may also request your hosting details (i.e. GoDaddy). You can enter these details in the “Additional Information” section.

Google Analytics

Share Full Admin access with [email protected]. How to Share Access [Link].

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Share Full Admin access with [email protected]. How to Share Access. [Link]

Google Adwords

Share Full Admin access with [email protected]. Copy your account number (example: 251-829-9173) and paste in “Additional Information” our team will then link your account to our Google Partner account and will request that you accept our invite.


Fees are billed for the month ahead by credit card. Except for App Development and Website Design; you will already be aware of the payment schedule for these projects.

Full invoices will be sent each month to the e-mail above for your records.

Payment on your card statements will show “Marwick Marketing Inc”.

To request copies of past invoices or to change account details please e-mail [email protected]

We require 30 days notification for closing your account.

Marwick Internet Marketing Vancouver is the trading name Marwick Marketing Inc. (BC0958543) registered in British Columbia, Canada.


All SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media and Digital Marketing Reports are sent to the e-mail above in the first full week of the following month. The reports are for the full month of the month just passed. That’s a tongue twister! If you’d like your reports to be sent elsewhere just let us know by adding additional contacts in the “Additional Information”.