Sharing is Caring…right?

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

Sharing is Caring…right?

By Christian Thomson

They say sharing is caring. But if you’re in the market to engage and create new brand followers/lovers via Social Media Marketing make sure the content you are sharing is relevant and interesting enough to the reader.

Think about it, what does it take for YOU to go WOW this is awesome and send it on via e-mail, click like or hit share?

It needs to be pretty useful information, maybe damn funny or even something totally new. Posting what the office had for lunch or how good your company is at selling cars isn’t going to cut the mustard.

Posts with a photo are three times more likely to gain social reach (more people’s attention) then single text updates.

Better still; keep your posts and social media updates in line with your overall marketing strategy.

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Social Media Marketing

Here are 4 tips that small businesses should use to take full advantage of Social Media.

1.   Use Social Media Marketing as a Sales Tool

  • There is a direct link between fans, followers, likes … and real sales activity. Special offers, coupons, event postings, sweepstakes, and campaigns can get strong responses from fans who could become real customers.  Utilize some of these techniques to convert fans to sales.
  • Today social marketing is very much about engagement which comes from active interactions with your fans. Simple postings and waiting for your community to respond is not true engagement. To increase your sales you have to respond properly and quickly to what people are posting.  You will also need to add value to the post by actually helping your fans with key issues and questions they may have.
  • Social search uses your Social Graph to determine relevance of search results.  This is an emerging technique which search engines are using today to factor content from user’s social network into the results of their search queries. With the development of Google+, Bing social search engine and Facebook Graph Search, marketers are now using social search as a part of their marketing and sales strategy.

2.      Increasing your Use of Multimedia and Video for Social Media MArketing

People are now using the internet to look for product images and videos; they want detailed information and want to see what they are going to buy. Videos are very useful in explaining complex processes, by showing step by step directions and it may have greater effect then a well written article.  Videos should be used as a sales tool where you are able to mix product information with product value to increase sales.  Youtube videos are also often ranked higher than other posted content.

3.      Respond Quickly to Customer Complaints, Suggestions and online Conversations

Customers make purchases from brands they trust.  In the past, if people had a bad or good experience with any company, it might take weeks or months to tell their friends and families about that experience. Today with websites like Facebook and Twitter it takes only seconds to share a negative experience.  You can’t really control what customers do but you can control what happens next.  You should be monitoring the online conversations about your brand.  You can do this be checking and responding to any comments made on social media about your brand.  You should also monitor posts made on other online websites.  You can do this easily with Google Alerts.  Each time Google index new content about your brand they will send you an email with a link to the site that they found the content.  Businesses that respond quickly to customers’ complaints and suggestions through these networks will improve customer trust, the quality of their services, and customer satisfaction.  This often can translate to sales.

4.      Mobile is now a Requirement

Mobile phone is quickly becoming the main way to access social media. Due to this, companies are regarding mobile phones as an important communication medium. Companies are organizing their web content, so that it can easily be accessed by all sort of mobile devices. To increase their sales and customer satisfaction entrepreneurs are now taking into account the different kinds of mobile devices.  As you build your brand online and seek new ways to improve your sales you will need to include mobile as a critical piece of this puzzle.  The more ways you give customers to access your product or services the more opportunities you create for sales.

Today we live in the age of open communication and transparency.  Although traditional advertisement techniques still have some value, social websites like Facebook and Twitter allow a whole new communication medium which previously was unknown to most companies. Today’s success of any company or business depends on the proper utilization of the above new emerging tools and techniques. Businesses that are not properly adapting new business techniques are at on increasing disadvantage.  The customers of these businesses will eventually move away and build relationships with their competitors while they become less relevant.  Therefore, in this competitive market, the adaption and the proper usage of social media, mobile and other technologies is becoming less optional and more of a requirement for on-going sales, survival and growth of your business.


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