Do you need a full-time marketing manager or CMO? 
Can you afford a full-time marketing manager or CMO? 
Do you need experienced senior marketing level support to help grow your business? 
Do you want a marketing resource who feels like they are part of the team as though they sit in the office 5 days a week? 
Do you want a marketing resource who knows your company, brand and people just the same as a full-time employee? 


An in-house, high-cost, full time marketing resource isn’t necessary or affordable with the added cost of benefits, overhead and other FT employee expenses.

A marketing consultant won’t do. 

Yet you know your business needs greater marketing leadership, especially in this day of digital transformation and increased digital marketing. As a business owner or CEO, what do you do? 

With today’s evolving business landscape, growth minded businesses need a marketing solution that works.  


Marwick’s Fractional (or outsourced) Marketing Director/ Chief Marketing Officer services can help you.  The benefits of outsourcing your Marketing Director/CMO include:


Senior level expertise when you need it.

  • We pair our senior level marketing professionals with our clients based on industry and culture fit.  It’s just like selecting a candidate from a pool of resumes but without spending hours reviewing resumes, interviewing and checking references – taking you away from your business.  We’ll do all the work for you.
  • Your Fractional CMO/Marketing Director will spend one day a week in your office to ensure they can build the necessary relationships and trust amongst key stakeholders and manage as though they are in the office 5 days a week.  Their in-office presence will also ensure you and your team, and your Marketing Director feel part of the same team working towards the same growth goals.  
  • Adjust service levels during non-peak times and save money! Having worked in corporate settings for decades, our Marketing Directors know there are peaks and valley’s in when high level strategy and execution support is required.  You don’t need a high paid resource doing low value work throughout the year when it can be done by junior staff.  
  • As you consider a Fractional Marketing Director to help you achieve your growth goals, consider the cost of not having marketing leadership. Consider the risk you’re taking by having an inexperienced coordinator, or even worse, administrative staff, set the campaign objectives and success criteria in your organization. Chances are, they are under-qualified for the role and level of responsibility you are putting on them.  By hiring a Fractional CMO/Marketing Director from Marwick Marketing, you’re getting the confidence and capabilities your team needs to reach new heights, both in terms of sales and profitability.


Cost Saving.

  • Eliminate unnecessary overhead, benefits and salary expense and redirect those savings to revenue generating activities.  
  • Don’t pay a six-figure salary for a resource you don’t need at full capacity year round.  


Self-Managing Executive.

  • Our Marketing Directors and Chief Marketing Officers  will manage all aspects of your company’s marketing department. From managing vendors, agencies and employees, our senior marketing professionals will act as your marketing executive. This will save you time so you can focus on what matters most – your business.



How can your company experience all the benefits of executive-level marketing leadership without struggling with the prohibitive expense of a full-time Marketing Director or CMO during crucial growth periods?


Marwick’s Fractional CMO Services are the answer that you are looking for. A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer/Marketing Director provides you with the professional marketing leadership that your business needs, without the over-compensated full-time employee that you don’t.

Don’t pay more than you need to, and don’t leave your vital marketing leadership in the hands of an under-qualified or inexperienced marketing implementer.  Your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer from Marwick partners with you in a strategic, economically viable manner to provide your organization with professional oversight of your marketing operations. This includes:

  • Translating the Board & CEO’s vision and directions into successful marketing campaigns
  • Identifying the talent needed by your business to reach your goals
  • Identifying and filling gaps in your martech stack
  • Providing your Executive and Management team weekly progress reports and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports on campaigns and marketing activities that have been mutually agreed upon and approved by you.
  • Constantly evolving and finding new ways to reach marketing and sales goals despite any obstacles or limitations


Marwick, founded in 2012 and specializing in digital marketing, shares your goals of helping your brand stand out from the pack so that you can bring your business to the next level.  We do this by putting our experts to work following a proven methodology that gets results. CONTACT US today to learn more about what we can do for you, including the following services.


Business/Marketing Operations Audit

The first step in developing a successful plan is determining the following:

  • What’s been working, what hasn’t worked and what’s never been done before.
  • Past and present marketing activities and plans.
  • Identifying key business units or areas of opportunity, stagnant or sunset business units, potential new products or services.
  • KPI’s, quarterly goals, year 1 and year 2 goals.  

This audit will provide a foundation on which to start building, and a baseline to measure ROI on future activities.  Working with your leadership team, your Marketing Director will develop a strategic plan to help you achieve your growth goals whether improving internal processes and systems, tapping into new markets, rebranding or increasing quality leads from existing channels.  We start with the end in mind.  Once the plan is approved, your Marketing Director will oversee the execution of your plan, manage internal and external resources, course correct as and when needed, and provide regular updates to Executive. 


Digital Audit 

Your Marketing Director comes with the bench-strength of Marwick’s team of digital marketing and digital transformation specialists.  As a Marwick Fractional Services client, you will receive the added benefit of an in-depth Digital Audit.  Our digital audit provides a 360 degree assessment of your organizations digital assets, their performance against your competition and identifies areas of improvement.  The results of the digital audit can then be addressed in the overall strategy.  Our Marketing Directors can work with and manage your agency of record, or we can bring in the area specialists as needed from our extended team, making the marketing function of your organization seamless and simple. 


CX (Customer Experience) Audit 

A new buzz term in the world of marketing today is CX. Simply, CX is the sum of all the experiences your customer has with a product or service over the course of their relationship with you.  Over the next decade, research shows that businesses will need to invest in their CX strategy to differentiate from their competition, increase market share and build happy customers. No longer can you rely on the transaction itself. You need to ask yourself “What is my customers experience with my brand and company pre, during and post purchase?”  

There are many facets to answering this question and one that needs to be covered in your overall strategy and plan.  Our Marketing Directors incorporate a full CX review and CX implementation plan as needed into the overall strategy.

Here are just some of the considerations to a successful CX strategy:

dimensions of customer experience

It’s time for your business to experience new growth with an outsourced in-house Marketing Director. A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer/Marketing Director from Marwick can help you reach your goals faster and more affordably than you might think. 


CONTACT US today to learn more!