Search Engine Optimization

SEO Optimization

Christian Thomson
May 3, 2013  •   2 min read

Updated July 30, 2020, 12:17 pm

SEO optimization is critically important for any business and its website. With over 320,000,000 searches every 24 hours SEO optimization allows your website to reach the heights of Google and get those clicks from potential customers.

The question is, is your SEO optimization getting the most out of search engine optimization for your company?

Marwick Marketing has been serving Langley and Vancouver businesses with quality SEO optimization and with amazing results. We understand that true SEO optimization means developing SEO strategies unique to your business and aligned to your brands message (one of the benefits of not outsourcing overseas). We understand that SEO is more than just picking a few keywords that people use on Google and elsewhere. It is an in-depth process where research and planning pays dividends.

seo optimization

Quality SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization is a complex online marketing concept. It’s something that truly requires another party to come in, assess your company, and help you develop SEO strategies that will work.

They will help you to develop a complete understanding of what it means to utilize SEO effectively. Marwick Marketing has performed these services for countless businesses so far. We can easily do the same for you and your business. Just take a look at our case studies.

SEO work should be a service you can trust. You shouldn’t have to worry about your SEO needs being outsourced, and you certainly shouldn’t be concerned as to whether or not the SEO software being used is trustworthy and legitimate. It should only use white hat SEO. It should also have a comprehensive understanding of any and all updates that occur through search engine giant Google. Much of your SEO plans will revolve around Google. It’s critical then that an online marketing company worth your time and money remain aware of any changes Google might make. These are just a few of the things you should demand from SEO services.

Marwick Marketing will take a look at your website, and determine if its current state is doing everything possible to take advantage of SEO. They will also examine your competition to give you a clear idea of how they use SEO, and what you can do to get ahead of them.

You certainly shouldn’t expect anything less than fifteen pages of on-site SEO. Keywords are still an undeniably crucial aspect of SEO. You may only need to put three or four keywords pertaining to your business into things like articles and press releases. You may need as many as fifteen or twenty keywords to get the desired effect. Whatever the case may be, it must be something that consists of a strategy unique to your business.

Any company that promises quality SEO work should understand this.

One of the things Marwick Marketing has built their reputation on involves comprehending this.

Christian Thomson

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