Google reviews are crucial to a successful business, however, it can also crush a businesses reputation with false or defamatory reviews from competitors or bad customers. Marwick’s services will monitor the Google My Business properties for incoming reviews and flag and report fake reviews and respond to both positive and negative feedback from the reviews posted on Google My Business properties.

Ensuring the name of the business and executive employees of the business are protected online is a key Marwick feature when it comes to reputation management. Marwick will establish SEO regarding the owners name on the website to push down any negative search results and boost credibility. We will monitor your business to ensure you do not end up on websites such as and the brand owner(s) are not on websites such as and other defamation / revenge based websites.

When it comes to websites that are fee based and collect reviews, such as Yelp and, these will be monitored and when appropriate, responded to. Some patients are cruel and will post untrue statements to a doctors profile (for example). When possible, Marwick will respond to and flag inappropriate reviews.