We have combined years of experience in the digital marketing field to provide the very best in small business digital marketing.

SEM – Digital AdvertisingSEM StarterBlendedDominate
Ad Placement on GoogleYesYesYes
Custom Keyword ListYesYesYes
Expert Text Ad WritingYesYesYes
Web & Mobile Search AdsYesYesYes
Daily Conversion OptimizationYesYesYes
Ongoing Performance ReviewsYesYesYes
RetargettingSEM StarterBlendedDominate
Extensive Reach on Top Sites, Ad Networks & Exchanges  Yes
Ads Retargeted to Website Visitors  Yes
Banner Ad Creative  Yes
Organic Search Marketing (SEO)   
On-site optimization of webiste YesYes
Website load speed optimization YesYes
Structural optimization of website YesYes
Long tail keyword research YesYes
Creation of SEO landing pages (2 per month) YesYes
Competitive reporting YesYes
Optimization of Google Map and business listing YesYes
Local SEO – Citation building YesYes
ReportingSEM StarterBlendedDominate
Monthly All Website Traffic Reports (All Channels)YesYesYes
Monthly Keyword Ranking Reports (Organic Ranking) YesYes
Dedicated Google Accredited Account ManagerYesYesYes
Monthly review call YesYes
Monthly InvestmentSEM StarterBlendedDominate