Getting a Solid Return On SEO

Within 4 months we beat our clients year end goal, by tripling their online revenue.

Active Baby is a baby store with two locations in North Vancouver and Langley, they also have a fully functioning online retail store. They had hired another Vancouver marketing agency and in their words “we spent way too much and received very poor result.“ they came to us in December 2016 with the simple goal to add 50% revenue to the online store by Summer 2017 and to double revenue by the end of 2017.

Within 4 months we beat their year-end goal, by tripling their revenue. We did this by running targeting Facebook Ads, using a strategic plan to utilize Google Ads and we optimization their website for the brands they carried v’s generic “baby store names”. 


Not many (if any) agencies will be able to answer this question for you “How can I track the return on the Search Engine Optimization work?” Well in most cases we can.

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White Label SEO Canada

We’re not a “say yes to everyone and everything” kind of agency. If we don’t think we can make an impact, we’ll let you know during our first call. If we do think we can increase your sales, we’ll show you how.