50% Reduction In Cost Per Click

Double The Web Visitors and Half The Budget!

It’s a common conversation starter for our team. SMB owners are faced with endless calls from internet marketing companies. Confused with the endless interactions the temptation is to sign with a big national ad agency. 

We often help a local company take control of their S.E.M campaign from well known advertisers and provide better return on investment and more client interaction.

  • 200% Increase in monthly visitors
  • 250% Increase in advert impressions
  • 50% Reduction in Cost Per Click

“Marwick has been awesome to deal with. It has been just over a year since they took over our SME from Yellow Pages and they have doubled our traffic at half the price. Their patience with us as we learned the ins and outs of their services has been a refreshing experience as has been their laid back sales approach. I can not say enough good things about them!” Chris Ayres – Edmonds Batteries

When a local company spends around $1000 per month on internet marketing with national advertising companies we typically, and constantly find this is a regular saving and boost in digital advertising.

Are you ready to take control of your digital advertising spend? Contact us today for a free review of your current campaign.