73% Increase In Business In 12 Months

Boosted By SEM & SEO

Here’s how we helped a local renovation company boost their business.

We signed up with Marwick in June on the basis of doing some work on our company website to improve our Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) results (ie. the quick fix) and then also a focus on SEO for the mid to longer term. Our main goal was to not only generate more leads but improve the quality of leads at the same time.

Fast forward to September 2nd; August was our best month on record (ever) for sales, we are on target to increase sales by 73% by our fiscal year end (Oct 31st) … but that’s not all. We have never been in a situation before of having work lined up for any more than a few weeks at a time. Now we have projects scheduled for up to 6 months out which allows us the luxury of planning ahead for the continued growth of our business. The quality of leads we are seeing is excellent which means as the sole sales guy I am wasting little time having to further qualify potential clients.

I had always steered clear of the countless SEO companies that call or email on an annoyingly regular basis because, if nothing else, they simply did not understand anything about my business. Most of them were not even on the same continent so how could they hope to understand the Canadian home renovation market. Not only do the staff at Marwick understand the industry we are in, but they get how to make us stand out from the competition. I am quite honestly amazed at the results. We are doing zero other forms of advertising at present (ie. other than our website) so it is pretty easy to tell that this is working.

Marwick has done exactly what they said they would and much more. I can’t praise them highly enough!

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