Panda Everflux: The (Google) Panda is Chilling

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

Panda Everflux: The (Google) Panda is Chilling

Matt Cutts from Google announced today that the Google Panda (Panda Everflux) updates won’t be as drastic as the last 24 updates since the first one on the 24th Feb 2011. These updates literally saw website drop like flies from top Google rankings and search engine optimization.

If over the years you have been a business owner working with an SEO company or an SEO consultant you will be well aware of the on-going efforts of Google to provide the right search content to its users. Google as a business itself has one single goal. To be the best search engine around, giving users the best valuable content to the user. Makes sense right?

The last 24 updates have been vast and critical, kicking websites from high rankings to ZERO overnight.

That is about to change with Google Panda (Panda Everflux).

Matt Cutts from Google explains “Rather than having some huge change that happens on a given day. You are more likely in the future to see Panda deployed gradually as we rebuild the index. So you are less likely to see these large scale sorts of changes.”

So what does this mean for your search engine optimization company?

Google is working with SEO companies and SEO consultants providing better updates that allow the best SEO companies to test pages and find the magic mix of SEO specific to the business and its competition in its sector and geographical location.

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