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Christian Thomson
April 12, 2013  •   2 min read

Updated July 30, 2020, 12:11 pm

Online Marketing for Kickstarter Crowdfunding Success: Crosskix

Marwick Marketing the online marketing company in Vancouver is excited to be involved with the online marketing and promotion for Crosskix a new style of shoe which is currently rocking the Kickstarter crowd funding platform. The Crosskix is a good example of how Kickstarter works. An idea like Crosskix footwear, which promises to be the definitive product for those seeking a viable foam composite footwear alternative, can find an interested audience, reach its goals, and become successful in its own particular marketplace.

It just makes sense that a particularly ambitious entrepreneur would want to use Kickstarter and online marketing to not only raise the necessary funds for their project, but to create a community of people interested in the product once it becomes available.

Taking A Look At The Crosskix

The Crosskix shoes promise to be revolutionary in terms of what they will be able to do for people. Those who have contributed over $46,000 to the project seem to be excited about the shoe’s ability to combine a cool, aesthetically-pleasing style with the ability to function in a variety of different ways.

The main idea behind the Crosskix is to give people the comfort and ease of the more well-known Crocs, but to put that comfort in something that people will actually want to wear. The developers behind Crosskix are also quick to point out that these shoes can easily handle running and training. They will also fit like a normal sneaker, and you’ll be able to do things like adjust the instep strap, or add a sole for added arch support. The result will be a show that’s more stylish and more functional. These shoes can be worn before and after a day of intense activity and exercise.

Made from 100% recyclable materials the Crosskix will work by allowing the wearer to use them for recreation, work, leisure time, or any other situation they might think of. The whole time a person is wearing their Crosskix, their feet will be kept cool and dry by the air vents placed along the shoe. Water vents will also be in place to make these shoes perfect for moving in and out of water.

The current stock colors will include Klassic Green, Pleasure Pink, Rio, Trailblazer, Green Night, and Black Gold. These shoes will be available in sizes 3-13. Some of the colors that contributors will be able to vote on later range from Klassic Red, to Basic Black, to Patriot, and many more.

The Crosskix Kickstarter has 25 days left until the opportunity to donate passes. If you’re interested in getting on the ground floor there’s still plenty of time.

online marketing for Kickstarter


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