Online Marketing Current Trends 2013

Online Marketing – Current Trends 2013

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February 22, 2013 by Christian Thomson

Online Marketing – Current Trends 2013

The big leader of 2013 current trends in online marketing is the ‘Mobile Movement.’ The mobile movement is the hottest growing platform of technology to hit online marketing since the onset of social media. Mobile marketing, while technically considered to be part of online marketing, will eventually become so big that it will nearly encompass its own industry. Mobile marketing is essentially a combination of online marketing tactics delivered and accessible through one of the widest utilized consumer products in the world: cell phones. As Smartphones have revolutionized the cell phone industry, they also opened up a brand new world of opportunity for businesses to interact with consumers on a consistent basis. Since people have their phones with them around the clock, they are now demanding to have the same access to business websites and links as they have via the computer, and the demand is certainly being met with lightening speed action.

online marketing current trends

Content is king. As the algorithms and rules for ranking through the search engines have evolved to what they are, it is more critical than ever to make sure emphasis is being placed on the quality of the content on your websites, blogs, social media, and any other content under your control. As Google and the other search engines are analyzing content to weed out the spammers, scammers, and other ‘shady’ sites, there are also legitimate businesses that are getting knocked down due to poor quality content. While all the large businesses have already been paying for ‘content,’ the small and medium size businesses have typically not. This is all changing in 2013. More and more small businesses are going to be bringing in an SEO company, freelance writer, or online marketing professional to help them improve and revamp their content. This is a trend that businesses do not want to skip over because regardless of all other online marketing efforts, if the content is not good, the site will not be ranked well or considered reputable. Furthermore, when customers are greeted with bad content, don’t assume they will stay because they won’t. In order to stay competitive on the web, all content should be written well, be informative, grammatically correct, and keyword optimized (search engine optimization). Content should be engaging, unique, and up to date to result in higher conversions.

It is fully expected that during 2013, cross-channel products, applications, and campaigns will be integrated and mainstreamed to reach more customers, and track the analytics on how far an advertisement can really go. For instance, if a consumer sees an ad for your business on their mobile device, and instead of making an online purchase, they physically come to your store and make a purchase, how did you know the ad brought them in? The cross channel analytics and marketing efforts are going to better gage the new spending patterns that consumers have in 2013.

Right now is the time to get started with your mobile efforts, content revamping, and cross-channel measurements. Contact us today to see how we can help.