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Number 1 On Google In One Week

Christian Thomson
June 5, 2014  •   3 min read

Updated July 30, 2020, 12:28 pm

 …and how we did it

Is it possible to rank #1 On Google In One Week without “Black Hat” SEO links – Yes and here’s proof.

Let me start by saying I HATE the SEO business space.

You know the random e-mails like;

“Hi, wanted to touch base: We’ve spoken a while back about your website. I happen to be on it again and wanted to point out a few areas of concern (SEO, Visibility, etc). For what it’s worth, I see a few specific things impacting your site’s profitability that can be improved with a slightly refreshed strategy.

Just to remind: I work with several consultants who I have personally hand-picked: Each of them are more than glad to share CASE STUDIES of their work with you.

Would you be open for a brief discussion? At the very least, you’ll gain new insights through an extensive Web Needs Analysis (Doesn’t cost a thing)….blah..blah..blah”

Or calls from a call-centre via a Californian VOIP number from “Google” requesting money to be placed on page 1 of Google (when you already are).

Yeah, you guessed it.

Even as a qualified Google Partner Agency here in British Columbia, we also get those e-mails and calls, just like you.

Now here’s the irony of this blog post.

What if I told you that we can build a (beautiful) website AND rank it on page one of Google for multiple keyword terms in one week?

You’d probably call bullshit on me.

I know.

But do you know what…

We can. And we do.

Our latest website a home service website was designed and built on the 28th May 2014 a week later it’s doing just that.

Built with SEO in mind i.e. good original content, good site structure and a few other “bits ‘n’ bobs” it now holds;

  • 10 x Number 1 places on Google
  • 17 x Places on page 1 of Google
  • 47 x Top 20 spots on Google

number one on google in one week


number one on google


Full report here [Click]

Now I know what you’re thinking “Smart kid probably blasted a ton of back links at it, it’ll get knocked down in a few months, some sort of crazy black hat stuff going down”

Er, nope.

In fact this link has 3 links from our Marwick Marketing website and two others. It is ranking solely on the way it was built and managed in Google webmasters.

Here’s Google’s Head of Google Webmasters Explaining More

We’re constantly tweaking and testing how we build new websites. We know you want a stunning website, and we do build good looking websites. But what you really want from a website is business, and business comes from being where your customer is when they are looking for your service.

Give me a call and let’s work together to drive more business online for you.

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