5 Common YouTube SEO Myths Busted

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

SEO is commonly associated to websites in attempt to get you ranked high in Google. The same goes with YouTube videos. A video can be optimised for SEO to rank higher. Like traditional SEO, there are many fakes who claim they will rank your video in X days. Here we will analyse what is ultimately agreed upon the common misleading tips for YouTube SEO.

Myth One: Add Key Words to File Name

It is often advised to reformat the name of the video file to contain keywords you want to rank for. YouTube does not worry about your video file name as you enter keywords at a later point.

Myth Two: Adding The Transcript & Tags To Description Box

In terms of the transcript, adding it to the description is better than no description however it is much more beneficial to write 2-3 sentences describing your video as it much more helpful to viewers. In terms of adding tags, simply checking the terms & services and you know you would be violating terms and in risk of banning your account.

What Does Matter?

Viewing time. YouTube prefers quality videos to be at the top of the rankings. A quality video is one that gets watched a lot. This is a combination of total viewing time and average length of the video watched. Keeping this in mind shows how the common advice is misleading for YouTube SEO optimisation.

Myth Three: Number Of Embeds Helps

Anyone can embed your video on a site with the HTML code provided. This does not mean this will rank your video higher. It could simply be a site with traffic not related to the video, this will not help your rankings at all.

Myth Four: Number Of Views Helps

If only. Unfortunately this exposes those with the most money to rank right away. You can easily put a few dollars in and get thousands of views. Luckily YouTube will notice this quickly and you will tumble down the rankings, fast.

Myth Five: Number Of Shares Helps

This is very similar to views above. There is no point in getting hundreds of shares to irrelevant audiences. On sites similar to fiverr.com there are no shortages of people who are willing to share your video on hundreds of Twitter feeds. While this may sound like a great deal for $5, the quality of views will be non-existent.

All the above myths come back to the initial launch of your video. When you first pop your video on YouTube, they boost it up the rankings as a sort of test rank. The timeline for this is roughly 1-2 weeks. After this test period they look at the video statistics and adjust the rankings based on the data. Ideally you have awesome watch time and they will continue to boost the video up the rankings (yay).

The key to remember is to optimise videos for the people, not the search engines. If you keep your audience in mind and keep the video interesting from beginning to end and you will naturally increase up the rankings.

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