How to Maximize Conversions with Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

There is no doubt Twitter is transforming from a purely social tool to a marketing tool for brands. Twitter launched limited lead generation cards in May 2013 and have slowly released them for everyone to use.

The purpose is to collect a lead from a potential customer. Achieving this is not as easy as slapping up a card and watching the leads roll in. Here are some tips to achieve the highest conversion rates on your Twitter cards.

Think About What You Will Offer

The easy way to create a giveaway is to refurbish some material from your website. This is not so easy with Twitter stating 80% of people use Twitter from a mobile device. Creating a download for them is not practical.

A better offer would be adding real value in the form of a discount, free shipping or a voucher for immediate if desired.

Yes, Great Copy Increases Conversions

The difference between bad copy and good copy is obvious, but the difference between good copy and great copy can be trickier to spot. Your tweet needs great copy in order for people to stop scrolling and expand (it takes a lot for someone to expand) to see the lead generation card.

While it is limited to just 20 characters, choosing the right call to action where the user clicks the button to take you up on your offer is massive.

We assume you are already split testing on your site, if so you know the benefits it can bring. Do the same with the copy on your cards. If you have been jabbing on Twitter (a reference to Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook) for months, no one minds you sending out regular Twitter cards. When you are, split testing is necessary to achieve the best results.

Do Not Use Your Normal Tweet Strategy

When tweeting to your audience about an offer you have, it is normal to include a link. Do not add any links to your tweets, clutter free is good. Twitter have done the hard work to make sure when they expand your tweet it looks good and comfortable.

Ensure You Choose the Best Back Up Option

Unfortunately not all platforms enable twitter cards to work thus far. When a viewer clicks on an unsupported platform they will be able to click on a URL that takes you to a page of their choice. The best option would be to create a page with the exact same offer as was available in the Twitter card.

Integrate Your Twitter Cards with a CRM

When you generate a lead, getting the member details to automatically track in your CRM is optimal rather than importing manually from the dashboard. Twitter works with plenty of dashboards so follow the steps closely and when completed do a test run to ensure you have implemented everything correctly. You can find out more with this Twitter support page.

Continue to Provide Value Post Lead Acquisition

The hard part is done, you have gotten the lead. You now need to look after this lead by providing value over the following weeks, months and years.

A new lead is like a new friend who you really want to get to know. Do you meet them once, ignore them and expect things to be all rosy months later when you want their help? If you do not nurture leads, do not expect the sales to come flowing in with your sales pitch that arrived out of the blue.

Using Twitter as a tool for building a brand has not always been easy due to the difficulty in seeing solid statistics. With Twitter cards, you now have an inbuilt way to attract real leads into your sales funnel. So now that you know how to optimize a great Twitter card, you better check this out on how to create one.

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