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We are a full-service, best-practice BC Marketing Agency. We have a simple mandate: to generate measurable revenue for our clients. Regardless of the marketing channel – traditional and online directories; paid and organic search engine marketing; social, local, mobile and location-based media; email, display or video – what counts is the bottom line. From research and competitive intelligence, through design and deployment, all the way to execution and continuous improvement, we will deliver the right program for your business. Together we can increase demand, dominate markets, and build on our success.

Marwick Marketing is a marketing agency in BC that thrives on innovation and collaboration. Beyond our work with clients like GM, SEARS, and the BBC, Marwick Marketing also works with a fine range of local (BC), national and international brands.

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Based on the west coast of BC, Canada in Greater Vancouver our head offices boast some of the top minds in creative online and offline marketing in BC.

Our ability to attach a strategic and thoughtful approach to digital content has proven to give us an advantage over larger marketing agencies. Our passion is building new brands and energizing existing ones — so you can connect with your customers in meaningful, measurable, ways. We start with creative ideas, not mediums. We love the element of surprise.

We’ve opened a surf school on the river Thames in London, UK. We’ve dug deep into the depths of Argentina looking for that perfect catalogue cover shoot. We’ve created viral campaigns that changed the status-quo literally overnight.

If you’re looking for a BC marketing agency that is full of technically-coloured-creative ideas, you’ve found us.

We’re recognized by Google as a Certified Partner in Canada, we’re a part of the American Marketing Association and the BC Marketing Association.

We’ve managed many successful marketing campaigns for Canada based companies over the years. We’d love to hear about your project and come up with some awesome ideas.

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BC Marketing agencies sell professional services. Not products. In the past, many marketing agencies have done their best to create, market and sell an actual product (be it digital or physical). Most have had limited success. Service-based companies selling products has not been a wildly successful endeavor for the majority of marketing agencies. Going forward, this will have to change. The ability for a marketing agency to provide a higher level of research and development in terms of product development and technological implementation will be core to success. Agencies must get much better at providing a deeper context of opportunity for brands to explore. While everyone is excited about the potential of “big data,” the idea of agencies bringing more R&D to brands could best be defined as “big research.” Pushing beyond the research, analytics and insights to deliver solutions that can’t just be relegated to a purchased media space. Helping brands create what they’re going to be selling next.