WordPress sites need to be consistently updated. Sites that are below WordPress 5.0 need to be updated. Websites will be backed up and put onto a backup schedule. All plugins and themes will need to be updated to the most recent release. Older PHP versions (PHP 5.2 – > 5.4) will have to be provisioned to PHP 7+.

Websites that are on GoDaddy, HostGator or any other insecure platform will need to be provisioned to a VPS at InMotionHosting. Marwick will migrate your website to ensure reliability and performance. Domain names will be migrated to use CloudFlare as DNS and CloudFlare will be maintained to ensure performance.

Sites will be scanned using WordFence and Sucuri to ensure the sites are secure. WordPress backends will be secured using WP Cerber and login paths changed from /wp-admin to a custom admin path. Domain name registrations will be extended to ensure the domains do not expire and fall into redemption period. Marwick will also ensure that the domain registrations are at an appropriate and well known registar, such as GoDaddy.

Passwords will be audited to ensure the site does not get hacked. We will change any admin usernames to more secure usernames and ensure passwords are secure.

If the emails are hosted on the web server, we will put a plan into place to migrate your emails and accounts to GSuite. We will also ensure that the correct records such as DKIM and SPF records are put in place on your DNS when GSuite migration occurs.

The website will be optimized for speed. Note: Marwick has limitations when it comes to speed improvements on a shared hosting plan. For this and many other reasons, we suggest a VPS or virual private server.