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Outlook has been a standard tool in the business world for years, providing an excellent way to manage email, calendars, tasks, contacts and more. However, with workplace technology becoming more advanced and devices used becoming more diverse it is difficult for many people to sync their devices properly, making organizing your schedule more tedious than it needs to be. But not to worry, we’ve found a tool to solve your Outlook inefficiencies. AkrutoSync makes Outlook work like its supposed to, providing secure, automatic cross device synchronization of contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.

Using an Android or Windows Phone? AkrutoSync is for you.

The majority of smartphones used today are Android and Windows phones, making AkrutoSync an applicable application to most consumers. As Android phone users, we have had difficulty making sure that our calendars, notes, contacts and tasks are accurately synced across devices and always up to date. It can be very frustrating booking a meeting on your laptop Outlook software and then when you review your schedule on your phone the meeting doesn’t appear! For those of you that have experienced this, you know the frustration and anxiety that can result – especially if you double book a meeting or appointment! Since we’ve started using AkrutoSync, this issues haven’t been a problem.

On the go? Not a problem. AkrutoSync has got your back.

With the business world becoming increasingly complex, working remotely or on-the-go has become very common. This throws a wrench in most business organization solutions for data synchronization. Your schedule or contacts may take time to update on certain devices, or may even get lost in the process. With AkrutoSync, you can complete your business on the go, stress free! AkrutoSync synchronizes your devices not only over Wi-Fi, but also over your cell data network. All data transfer is completely secure. The data is actually not even stored in the cloud, unlike other competition in the market, making it that much more secure! You maintain the control and privacy of all of your information.

Unsure if it’s the solution for you? Download the free 7 day trial!

AkrutoSync is an amazing company that wants their customers completely happy with their purchase. That’s why they offer a 7 day free trial for users to test their software solution. 7 days is a great amount of time to install the software and see how it works in your everyday life. Give it a shot, and download the AkrutoSync trial free! If you’re a satisfied customer, you can buy the AkrutoSync solution for only $29.95!

Do you have trouble adapting to technology? Think you’ll need help with installation or troubleshooting? AkrutoSync offers top quality support for their customers and are there to help every step of the way! They ensure that all consumers are able to utilize their product to the fullest.

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