Is search engine optimization (SEO) right for my business?

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

Is search engine optimization (SEO) right for my business?

If you’re not sure, you’ll want to find an SEO provider that takes the time to review the specifics of your situation. A good marketing agency will initiate an open discussion with you to examine your goals and the associated variables. You should walk away from the conversation with a reliable set of unbiased recommendations and a clear understanding of your options.

2. How do I know which SEO provider is right for me?
The right provider will study your online market, monitor your competitors’ efforts and identify trends in your industry. They will assign a (ROI) value to your campaign so that you know what results to expect, and they will hold themselves accountable to their claims and projections.

3. How do I know whether an SEO provider is reputable?
A reliable agency should be able to demonstrate a quantifiable return on investment (ROI) for 10 or more recent clients. Ask for the percentage of improvement for specific metrics over a period of time. (For instance, “How much did web traffic increase over 12 months?”) If the agency knows their stuff, they’ll have enthusiastic client testimonials and a proven track record that they’ll be happy to share.

4. What sorts of things should I watch for?

  • Heavy upfront agency fees should ring an alarm. Why should you be asked to invest heavily before you’ve seen the process at work?
  • “Guaranteed” results for first-ranked positions are another warning sign. If you come across an agency that promises to place your site at the top of a search list, do some investigating. Find out what keyword(s) they’re basing their claim on: are they commonly used search terms, or are they counterintuitive words and phrases?
  • Watch out for agencies that are cryptic about the links they plan to build. If they don’t offer to give you monthly reports detailing the specific progress of your campaign, think twice about working together.

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