Improving Quality Score of Google Ads

Are you concerned about the quality score of your Google ads?

If you want to make the most of Google Ads (PPC), you need to have a solid grasp of the Quality Score. This is because your Quality Scores have a huge impact on your paid search campaigns, influencing both cost and effectiveness.

Quality Score is a rating given by Google to the relevance and quality of your PPC ads and keywords. This score is used to determine your cost per click (CPC). It also determines your ad rank in the auction process when multiplied by your maximum bid. Several factors make up your Quality Score, including:

  • Landing page relevance and quality
  • The relevance of ad text
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • The relevance of keywords to their ad group
  • Your Google Ads account performance history.

Given that Quality Score impacts your ad’s position and your cost per action, you will want to make sure it is the best it can be. Through proper organization and management of your Google Ads campaign, you can increase your Quality Score.

quality score in Google Ads

Tips to Improve Your Quality Score

Here are some tips for improving your Quality Score

  • The Importance of Keywords to Quality Score

Without proper keywords research, your entire Adwords account will suffer. Keywords are the foundation that you will build your PPC activities upon. Often, search marketers will make use of free keyword tools that may not give the best indication of keyword relevance to your business and customers. A better source of data for your keywords is your own web analytics and log files. These can give you a more accurate view of which keywords are driving traffic and conversions, letting you avoid guesswork and focus on the right areas. Try not to use keywords that are too broad or too niche.

  • Group Ads by Theme

Group your ads by type, including target audience, keyword, or other factors to improve the relevancy of the ad. Google looks at the relationship of the ad to the query of a user to determine relevancy. By grouping your ads into themes, you increase the likelihood of being considered relevant.

  • Rework Your Landing Pages to Reflect Ad Groups

Google is always measuring relevancy, and it is one of the major factors they look for in your landing pages. Are they relevant to the user and the ad they followed to reach your page? Do the keywords match? Was the ad representative of the landing page? These are points to keep in mind.

  • Improve Landing Page Loading

There are a variety of rankings that go into determining Quality Score, with any one of them affecting each other and the overall score. One of the rankings relates to the landing page experience. Is it useful to the viewer? Does it hold the user’s attention enough to keep them on-site? Part of the user experience involves load speed, meaning this one simple thing can help or hinder your QS.

  • Review Date Reports on Impression Share

Your impression share is the actual number of times your ads are viewed versus the potential number of views. This will give you some insight as to whether your ads are being delivered as often as they could be. Ads will not be clicked if they are not seen, so knowing your impression score is important.

Staying on Top of Your Score

You need to follow up on your score to ensure that you are maintaining it. While Google checks sites on a regular basis, your Quality Score does not shift quickly, so it can be a bit misleading. You might feel that you are maintaining your score, even when it is beginning to slip. To stay on top of things, be sure to monitor your keywords, rankings, and the algorithm changes from Google.

Google considers the history of your score, so you will need to continue to work on maintaining it over time to be viewed positively.


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