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Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

Building Your Customer Base Tweeting and Knowing How to Use Twitter

Twitter is one of the largest and fastest growing free marketing tools available in the world. The facts are in, and shockingly, there are 1 million brand new accounts created daily with Twitter. While the initial reaction regarding Twitter was that communication was not efficient with a stunted ‘Tweet’ only allowing only 140 characters, the critics were dead wrong. The small message delivery system to followers is surprisingly efficient and powerful. The short and speedy Tweet quickly translates into A LOT more results, interaction, and engagement than ever imagined. There are 4 primary advantages to using Twitter.

Build Brand & Name Recognition
Since Twitter can be tweaked with its many settings, this social application can be used in any way desired by businesses around the world. Quick to set up and begin to use, you can instantly begin a campaign to grow your brand and name recognition among consumers. It is important to remember each Tweet is limited to 140 characters, including spaces. Professionally speaking, each Tweet needs to be thought out. Shy away from using typical teenage internet slang terms, such as LOL and OMG. They are not recommended for the majority of business texts, but can be used for creative impact from time to time to connect with the audience. As your fan base and followers build up on Twitter, the awareness of your brand name will too. You want to be able to have your name said and people automatically know the name.

Promote Products and Services
When you have direct contact with hundreds to thousands of followers via Twitter, there is no reason that you should not take full advantage of the marketing platform at your disposal to release important information, data, and sales on your best products and services that you offer.
Raise interest, peak curiosity, and get people talking about what you are selling. When promoting this way, you are immediately able to increase sales and net revenues if you can close the deal.

Raise Awareness or Support
If you support a certain cause, Twitter is the way to go. Build up the followers; correspond with clients, consumers, friends, and followers with tidbits of information regarding important news or messages. Twitter is the prime way to get people to spread the word and “Retweet”, or share with their own followers, the information that is important to them and close to their hearts.

Engage Consumer Interest & Strengthen Customer Bonds
Do your research about your audience and then use Twitter to form a personal connection with them. Send those interesting stories, data, and news about the things that they are interested in or will help them in their everyday lives. Keep them engaged with interesting pictures and deals about your products and services. Link them to other websites and companies that can provide them with solutions to their problems. Let them know there is an open door to communicate with your company. Respond and encourage comments, and tweets, as well as other interactions that stimulate further conversation and growth.

All these aspects combined are why Twitter triumphs as being one of the most aggressive forms of online marketing available. There are over 340 billion Tweets and nearly 2 billion queries performed by people every day. With a mobile device, computer, or laptop, Twitter is being used around the clock to communicate, build relationships, and promote. Don’t get left behind. Keep moving towards the online marketing success that is waiting for you with Twitter. Implementing a Twitter strategy will not only interest your consumers and followers but keep them coming back to see what you have to say next.

Marwick Marketing’s unique approach to creating an online and social media presence for your company will ensure your website, products and services stand out. Contact Marwick today for forward-thinking, out of the box marketing solutions.

Marketing on Twitter

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