How to Remove “Powered by Shopify”

Shopify is incredibly popular for several reasons. Users enjoy its ease of use, the simple back end administration, the professional support, and the fact that all the technical details are taken care of for them. Perhaps most of all, they love the fact that is simply works so well. There is one thing that some Shopify users would like to adjust however: the “Powered by Shopify” link in the footer.

Why You May Want to Remove “Powered by Shopify”

While it is obviously your choice whether or not to remove the link, there are a number of reasons to do so. For one thing, you may not want to risk confusing visitors by including a brand that does not belong to you. You might also want to remove it for aesthetic reasons, or to use the footer to build your own brand image.

Although removing the link is not difficult, it may not be immediately apparent how to go about doing so. To help you out, here are two quick and easy ways to remove it from your footer.

Removing “Powered by Shopify”

In just a few easy steps, you can remove the link.

Step 1. Go to the admin dashboard in Shopify and go to Themes. Here you will see a drop-down menu for Actions. From this menu, you will select Edit Code.

Step 2. When you arrive on the next screen, find the Sections folder and open it. Locate and click on footer.liquid.
Step 3. Once the code has populated, hit ctrl + f to open the search bar. Type in the word “powered”.
Step 4. Now you need to delete everything that is in the curly brackets: {{powered_by_link}}. Everything else can be ignored, as it won’t have any effect. You may need to look for and delete multiple instances of this bracketed code, depending on the theme you are using. You can simply click the down arrow on the Find search bar to keep looking. After you have deleted them all, go to the upper right corner to click Save.


Although this is probably the best method of removing the link, you may also want to consider this alternate method:

Step 1. Go to the admin dashboard in Shopify and go to Themes. Under Actions, instead of choosing Edit Code, select Edit Languages.
Step 2. When you get to the next screen, go to the Filter search box and type “powered”. This will bring up every instance of “Powered by Shopify” in your footers. You will see some greyed-out text representing the default messages. Enter a single space under Footer to replace it with a blank.
Step 3. Check for other places where you want to remove the default text and once again enter a space.


While either method should work, you might find one or the other easier to implement. With the default “Powered by Shopify” safely removed, you are now free to customize your footer however you wish.


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