Google has been cranking out the updates for Local Search, and the latest thing to hit the SMB market is Google Posts. This new feature allows you to publish your events, products and services directly to Google Search (in the Knowledge Panel) and Maps. Here’s an example of what a Google Post looks like:
Google My business posts SEO local
One great use we are seeing with Google Local Business Posts is to use reviews as content to share as new posts
  • Post often. The posts only stay live for seven days, and there currently isn’t a way to schedule posts. Events will remain life until the event is over and we will receive a notification from Google.
  • A Google My Business Post can include an image, copy, a Call To Action (CTA) and a URL that we can use to link to a landing page or your website. Each Post has a limit of 300 words, but only the first 100 characters (or fewer) of the Post appear in the business’ Knowledge Panel.
  • The best image size for your Google Post is 750 x 750.
  • There are different types of Google Posts we can create: Book [an appointment], Order Online, Buy, Learn More, Sign Up, Get Offer, Event
We will be providing you with the post previews on our online project management software so you will be able to approve posts. We do this to try to avoid any post mistakes and be sure to highlight any special events or days that you would like promoted.
Marwick will share relevant content and information about your local business will help make your Google local listing more relevant and active.  This ‘relevance’ factor will, in turn, engage users in a more in-depth way than what was previously available.
Following SEO best practices, we will make sure to put keywords and the essential message towards the front of the paragraph of your Post.