So, what exactly are the benefits of Google reviews? Why do you want them and what will they do for you?

Google reviews are helpful to your business in a number of ways, and we will take a look at three below.


Greater Exposure and Improved Local SEO

Anyone who has an online presence knows that dealing with Google can be a bit trying at times due to both the complexity and the frequent changes of their search algorithms. According to Moz, however, as much as 9% of Google’s search algorithms rely on review signals that are generally based on review quantity, diversity, and velocity. Not too surprisingly, these review signals are found in Google business reviews, and your local business can quickly find itself at the top of Google’s SERP by having a well-balanced combination of these factors. Consequently, you will be found more easily and quickly.

If you are able to make proper use of Google reviews, you may find that it is one of your most successful marketing tactics.

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Greater Trust in Your Brand

Thanks to the internet, consumers are now much more knowledgeable about the products and companies that interest them. With a simple online search, consumers can quickly gather information on any business, including checking out reviews from previous customers.

Nearly 88% of consumers now read reviews in order to help them determine the reliability of local businesses, and a large part of that is done through Google reviews. In fact, a remarkable 72% say that they are more willing to trust a local business that has positive reviews. Clearly, having good reviews can have a significant effect on your business, especially if your reviews are more positive than those of your competitors.


Using Reviews for Feedback and Customer Intelligence

The feedback loop and customer intelligence gained through Google reviews is a tremendous asset for your company and something that you should be taking full advantage of. In essence, each and every review that your business receives is a customer survey response that can inform you about whether customers are satisfied with your service, what products or services they were seeking from your company, and where you did well (or poorly) in your customer’s estimation.


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