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Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

Machine Learning Comes To Google Adwords

Christian Thomson from Marwick gives you a quick run down in this short video.


Verbatim Video Transcript


It’s Christian Thomson from Marwick internet marketing and for the next two minutes I’m going to give you a rundown on a very, very cool new feature coming from Google this week, which has been rolled out literally as we speak and that’s a combination of the Google Adwords display network using machine learning and automation for… Well, let’s take a look it’s going to be pretty interesting.

The new Smart Display campaigns will take the assets we already provide to Google for your display campaign. Your headlines, your images, your text, your prices. It’s a stuff you’re already having to upload to Google for ever your contextual display campaigns or your Remarketing campaigns. But if you’re eligible, if your account is eligible, what Google is going to do now, is it’s going to automate the entire process based on machine learning.

What it will do is, it will take those assets and based on your conversion history, it will adopt the, change the ad to blend in with the website that has been shown on, so adopt the website’s fonts and colors and it’s going to have more of a native art filter, which is amazing and it will adjust the text and images based on that user and how likely they are to convert into a lead, which is just incredible already that this is being rolled out.

What you’ll see over the next few days and, you’ll start to see, when you go to set up a campaign, a display network campaign under drive action, you’ll start to see set up Smart Display campaigns.

Now, to be eligible for, that you actually have to meet a few items of criteria. Let me just direct this across for you and you can take a look probably in one second there you go pull that into the screen.

To begin obviously conversion tracking, to be honest, when you’re running Google Adwords, you don’t have conversion tracking to setup I’m going to slap your wrist.

We have the conversion tracking making sure that in the last thirty days you have at least thirty conversions generated from the display network or at least one hundred conversions from a search network. This isn’t really going to be suitable for the small ad campaigns out there or smaller ad words accounts. But it’s applicable, making sure that you know what your target C.P.A is. Your cost per acquisition, and making sure that it’s set.

In Adwords, if you set your Google Ad Words. Cost per acquisition at, say thirty dollars, then, the other criteria is that your daily budget must be ten to fifteen times your target C.P.A. At thirty dollars cost per acquisition, you‘ll need a budget of between three hundred and four hundred fifty dollars a day.

Now the reason why, is that the historical conversions will allow Google to determine one of the good performing ads. It will automate the things that will work for right now manually, like one of the most compelling headlines, what’re the best images.

Google and machine learning will do that for us quicker, way, way quickly and we have a good… And the reason the daily budget needs to be ten to fifteen times the C.P.A.’s that it needs to learn, and it needs to deliver those conversions to use, it needs to have that ability to do that within that daily budget.

If you are in that kind of spend bracket and you are generating historical conversions, then there’s a huge opportunity here to you have very, very sophisticated display campaign that can be rolled out over and over again for the different target demographics that you wish to hit and like I say it’s been rolled out today. Well, it’s started being rolled out yesterday, its pretty going to take a week or so for it to appear and all the Ad Words accounts that are eligible. And the ones that have had like (unclear) version seen significant increases in conversions up to twenty five, thirty percent when compared apples to apples with like the more traditional display campaigns.

Some pretty cool stuff, really interesting to see the automation and machine learning aspect coming into the digital ad world and look for to learning a lot more about it and implementing it here at Marwic.

OK Catch you later.

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